The 5 best apps to record work hours and sign

If you telecommute, you cannot miss the best apps to record work hours and sign.

In Google Play there are a large number of applications of all kinds, and over time new ones are added. A store that houses really necessary apps, such as those that help you make the shopping list or to improve your level of English and other languages. But those people who work from home also have another series of useful applications to carry out their tasks, and for this reason we bring the 5 best apps to record work hours and sign.

Millions of people worldwide they work from home, so signing or recording work hours can be a more complicated task compared to someone who comes to an office. To help these users, Google Play has a large number of applications that allow to record the hours of work and even to sign. If you have an Android or iOS device and you usually telecommute, don’t miss the 5 best apps to sign.

New apps for Android

On Android you can find great apps to record or record work hours.

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Business hours 4b

Working hours 4b app

Working Hours 4b, an app to enter working hours.

Business hours 4b It is an application that can be downloaded completely free (although it contains ads) and that has a easy and intuitive interface that allows the user to enter their working hours, both regular and overtime. It is even possible to set the moments when a pause is made and it can be synchronized with multiple devices in real time.

Record at work

File at work app

Recording at work is an ideal app to keep track of the schedule of each day.

Record at work It is an application that allows you to keep track of the hours of the workers’ days. A free app that has two modalities, one that allows the worker to access their data and make the comings and goings of work from your phone; and a second that allows workers to check in at their workplace, and in this case they will only have access to their data and will not be able to record entries and exits.

Work Record

Job registration app

Job Registry is an application to keep track of work shifts.

Work Record It is a free application, although it also has a paid version, which allows you to carry it quickly and easily. the account of your work shifts. In addition, it also allows calculating the number of hours worked and wages paid. It even has a number of time-saving features like automatic break deduction.

Time control

Time control It has a free version with which the user can control the schedule while working inside or outside the office, and all this from the mobile phone, tablet and computer. With this app you can indicate the start and end of a day, the breaks made or the status of the day in real time, among other functions.

Time control

Time control app

Time control, an app to count the hours spent at work.

Time control is an application that allows you to count the hours dedicated to a task or job in an accessible and organized way. It also allows adding and editing the hours that have been dedicated each day, viewing annual or monthly summaries, consulting the hours dedicated to a period of time, being able to group them by days or export the data, both by weeks, fortnights, months or years.

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