The 5 best Internet radios you can buy

Enjoy radio like you have never done before, with access to thousands and thousands of stations.

Despite the many years that radio has been with us, its lovers do not have to remain anchored in the past. Internet radios can open up a new world of possibilities.

Discover a huge variety of very different stations. These are the best internet radios you can buy, we tell you everything you need to know about them.

Oakcastle Internet Radio

With this radio, in addition to having access to thousands of stations, you can play your own content via Bluetooth, UPnP and LINE-OUT. You can also use it as an alarm clock, create all kinds of alarms, configure timers … etc.

Peterhouse Graduate Digital

You will only have to connect it to your WiFi to find thousands of different stations from all over the world. The thing does not end there, you can also connect your devices and use app accounts like Spotify to enjoy the best playlists.

Ocean Digital Radio

Ocean Digital radio promises up to 8 hours of playback. Don’t worry about the battery, connect it to your WiFi network and find the best stations in a catalog full of different options. More than 20,000 stations at your fingertips.

Majority Homerton

Connect it to your WiFi network and immerse yourself in local, national and foreign country stations. You will have the possibility to control everything easily with your remote, you have never had so many stations within such a short distance.

AUNA Connect 120

The Auna radio has a nice design with elegant lines. You still have an immense variety of stations available, but in a radio that maintains the essence of a classic device. It also has Bluetooth.

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