The 5 best-selling mobiles from Amazon are 2 Xiaomi

There is no trap or cardboard, two Xiaomi mobiles occupy 5 positions.

The 5 best-selling mobiles from Amazon right now are 2 Xiaomi terminals. And if you read correctly, there is no cheat or cardboard, since the reality is that right now, Xiaomi is monopolizing the Amazon best seller list with only 2 devices.

And, in addition to being the best-selling manufacturer in Spain, the company has managed to have 5 Xiaomi terminals among the 10 best-selling electronic products, but what is striking about this is that really, there are only two smartphones, Let’s take a look!

Xiaomi Redmi NOte 8T, gray rear

The Redmi Note 8 has been one of the big names in the mid-range in 2019

The Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 9, in different colors, are Amazon’s best sellers

As we have mentioned, among the 10 best-selling electronics products on Amazon, there are five Xiaomi phones, but only two models: the Redmi Note 8 and the Redmi Note 9, two mid-range terminals of the company that are one of the best options that we have seen in the cheap mid-range in recent times.

And these terminals are 5 of the best-selling electronics products on Amazon, specifically, in this order:

This, as you can see, implies that Amazon’s best-selling mobile phone is from 2019, and that the fourth and fifth best-selling mobile phones on Amazon are the same terminal, but in a different color. While the second best seller is the Redmi Note 9, and the third is the Redmi Note 9, but in another color. A striking fact at least.

If you want to find a terminal of another brand in this list of Amazon’s best-selling electronics products, you have to go to position 27 to find the Samsung Galaxy A30s, a terminal of the Korean company that also seems to be having quite a success in our country. Although, as you can see, at least on Amazon, Xiaomi is the most popular company.

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