The 5 worst weapons in the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale

These are the weapons you shouldn’t use in Battle Royale.

Just as there are weapons with excellent features that are perfect for any type of confrontation in the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale, unfortunately there are some that are not highly recommended if you want to go far in the game. Well, there are several that give less chance of survival when you have to make contact with an enemy and it is preferable to exchange them for others than in fact if they work correctly.

You may already know the good ones, but it is also important that you know in detail which ones you shouldn’t choose for this modality and thus avoid being one of the first to die. Next, we leave you 5 of them with their characteristics.



Chicom – Call of Duty: Mobile

It is known for being very ineffective, it is slow, it does not have much damage and also its type of shooting is by bursts, which is not good if you are facing someone who has an automatic. If there is one on this list that you should not have by mistake, it must be the Chicom, since otherwise, possibly don’t be very lucky when you go to attack the opponents at long or short distance. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Hurt:
  • Precision:
  • Scope:
  • Cadence:
  • Mobility:



S36 – Call of Duty: Mobile

Do you want to be precise and fast in your shots? Then the S36 is surely not the weapon you should carry with you during the course of the Battle Royale game. It does have some considerable downsides, it slows you down when you run, its range is not as effective, and it is also very slow reloading. However, this makes up for it with the amount of ammo he can carry in his magazine, and the damage and accuracy are good enough to defend against any enemy. Next, we leave you its characteristics:

  • Hurt: 60.
  • Precision: 56.
  • Scope: Four. Five.
  • Cadence: 55.
  • Mobility: 40.



MSMC – Call of Duty: Mobile

It is one of the most common that can be found in the BR, although it is not the one indicated for the different situations that arise in games. This is very good for performing casualties at close range and accurate only when you are used to it. However, its accuracy and range decrease the attack quality significantly, so it is not highly recommended to have it at least when you are already among the last 20 survivors. These are its characteristics:

  • Hurt: 73.
  • Precision: 41.
  • Scope: 29.
  • Cadence: 70.
  • Mobility: 81.



M21 EBR – Call of Duty: Mobile

If you’re one of the players who are good at attacking from a long distance, the M21 EBR may make things difficult for you when you want to shoot far, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Despite having good features, these are not fully balanced for use as a sniper, which makes it somewhat more difficult to handle compared to others like Artic .50. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Hurt: 80.
  • Precision: 60.
  • Scope: 95.
  • Cadence: 35.
  • Mobility: Four. Five.

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