The 6 Best Satellite TV Receivers You Can Buy

Satellite TV receivers so you never get bored watching your television.

If you want to watch satellite TV, you need a satellite TV receiver, and luckily for you there are good options on the market that they will be able to offer you everything you need in this regard.

Today we are going to show you which are the best satellite TV receivers so you can have access to a huge world of entertainment, Let’s take a look!

GT Media V8 Nova

First of all, we have a satellite receiver with built-in Wi-Fi and with 10,000 channels grouped in different sections which, of course, you can control. It has Full HD support and even access to services like YouTube.

Edision Piccollino S2

Full HD as maximum resolution and streaming on your smartphone or tablet are some of its most interesting features. It has Ethernet, HDMI, AV and Scart connection, so you will not find any connectivity problem with this device.


Another satellite TV receiver that has Full HD support and also has access to YouTube and other applications like Google Maps, and that also allows DLNA streaming. And it also supports USB HDD, so you can view your own content.

Engel RS8100Y

A modern aesthetics for a satellite TV receiver that has Wi-Fi connectivity and Ethernet port. You can connect your television through an HDMI, and you can also play your own content thanks to its USB port.


With a minimalist and simple aesthetics, USB connection for your files and Ethernet to connect it to the internet, it is an interesting option that can connect with other brand devices.

IRIS 9200

A satellite TV receiver with Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet, Scart, coaxial digital audio output and HDMI, so you can connect it wherever you want. In addition, it has a USB port to play your content.

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