The 7 best Kohler toilets in 2020 reviews

We can agree that Kohler is a reputable brand with elegant, durable and reliable toilets.

The company was founded in 1873 and offers different types of bathroom fittings, making it difficult to choose the best.

So if you’re wondering what the best Kohler toilet is for a small bathroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Kohler toilet

I looked at seven Kohler toilets that fit into your washroom.

Top 7 Kohler Toilets: Top Models

You can get good value for money by choosing the toilets in this review.

1. KOHLER K-3999-0 Two-part oblong toilet

The model has a comfort height design that allows users to easily use the system. Some of its functions are:

  • Elongated toilet bowl: You get a simple system that you can sit or stand while using. It offers the standard chair height that meets the needs of all people.
  • 12-inch rough-in: The system meets the EPA flushing guidelines, which allows you to install it in a 12-inch rough-in.
  • 1.6 gallons per wash: It is a conditioner that ensures that you use 20% less water than a 1.6 gallon unit.
  • Class five (R): The function enables an enormous flushing performance for bulk waste and is one of the best in its class.
  • 3-screw installation: It comes with three pre-installed tank screws that save time when you put it in your toilet.

2. KOHLER K-3589-0 Elongated toilet

It’s a two-piece design toilet that you can install in most washrooms for a modern look. Some of its functions are:

  • Two-part design: It makes it easier to take with you when installing the system.
  • Oblong bowl: The design offers space for the user and is comfortable for all people.
  • Comfort height (R): You get a chair-high seat that you can easily use when sitting or standing. This makes it the perfect facility for adults.
  • Universal seal: It fits all KOHLER toilets, so you can find a replacement within minutes.
  • Efficient recording: The water reaches the toilet from 360 degrees to ensure a smooth and even flow.
  • Leak free: Another thing is that the system is free from leaks that can occur due to swelling, shrinkage, tear and wear.

3. KOHLER K-6669-0 2-part elongated toilet

The comfort height of this toilet offers you a chair-high seat, which is ideal for standing or sitting. You can rely on the model for the following reasons:

  • Oblong bowl: It adds space to your bathroom and makes it easier to use the system.
  • Covert trap: The trapway is an excellent function that enables quick and easy cleaning.
  • Release lever for the left hand: It lasts longer because it is made of polished chrome. The lever is easy to use.
  • 12-inch rough-in: The device fits the standard installation systems to save money when buying.
  • Single flush gravity: It uses gravity to keep your toilet clean without consuming a lot of water.
  • Durable canister: This gives you a sustainable model that stays leak-free for years.

4. KOHLER K-4007 San Souci toilet

It is a one-piece toilet that combines bowl and tank in a single design. Some of its other functions are:

  • Round front shell: The design makes it the right model for small bathrooms and guest toilets.
  • Low profile design: It is a design that makes it easy to maintain the system due to the smooth surface.
  • Aqua flask container: The canister lets the water flow into the bowl from each side to leave a clean unit.
  • Durable canister design: It is 90% less exposed to avoid leaks that can occur due to wear and bumps.
  • Single flush gravity: The tank is designed so that the waste can be easily discharged into the drain.
  • TrapWay design: You can easily clean your toilet.
  • Release lever for the left hand: It is a long-lasting lever with which you can start the washing process.

5. KOHLER K-3493-0 Highline Classic pressure toilet

It is another elongated toilet from KOHLER, which saves space in your bathroom and offers comfort. You can enjoy some of its features, including:

  • 1.6 gallons per wash: The model saves you water and water bills compared to using a standard model.
  • Release lever for the left hand: It makes it easy to use the toilet and the lever is made of high quality material.
  • Two-part design: The design makes moving the device easier during transport. It also adds decor to your bathroom.
  • Oblong bowl: Thanks to the elongated design, you can use the toilet comfortably.
  • Pressure assist flushing: The model uses less water and still offers a powerful flush to remove all liquids and solids.
  • Comfort height (R): That means you get a chair-high seat that makes it easier to use the toilet while standing or sitting.

6. KOHLER K-3979-RA-0 comfort height toilet

The next product offers the comfortable height you want in the bathroom. Some of its functions are:

  • 1.6 gallons per wash: Thanks to the advanced flushing technology, less water is used compared to standard toilets.
  • Right release lever: The model comes with a right lever, which is not the case with most products in this test.
  • Comfort Height Bowl: Another notable feature is the elongated bowl, which gives you the comfort you want when sitting or standing.
  • 12-inch rough-in: You can easily install the toilet in the existing drainage system.
  • 3-screw installation: The package comes with three pre-installed tank screws so you can easily put it in your toilet.
  • Class five (R): The technology enables bulk goods to be rinsed without clogging.

7. KOHLER 556378 K-3819-0 toilet

Another KOHLER toilet that you can install in your washroom is the 556378 k-3819-0. It offers many advantages such as:

  • Two-part design: You combine a bowl and a tank to create a permanent toilet that adds value to your bathroom.
  • Oblong bowl: The design offers you a comfort system that fits into small spaces.
  • Comfort height (R): It is a function that ensures that you get a chair-high seat that gives you comfort when sitting or standing.
  • Durable canister: The product contains a durable canister that will not leak.
  • easy installation: It was developed to enable easy installation in 12-inch raw systems.

frequently asked Questions

We have many questions about KOHLER toilets, including:

Q: What is the highest Kohler toilet?

A: The Highline® Tall is the tallest KOHLER toilet that is 2 inches taller than other Comfort Height® models. It is a product that guarantees ease of use and ultimate accessibility.

Q: How do I know which model my Kohler toilet is?

A: You can identify the model by removing the lid and then checking the inside of the tank for the model number. There are usually four or five numbers that start with three or four and may have a letter K. You can also start with a six.

Q: How can I prevent my Kohler toilet from running?

A: Open the tank to reach the sealing gasket and make sure it is firmly seated in the hole below. The water stops running when it is in the correct position – your tank should fill up soon.

Q: Where can I buy Kohler toilet parts?

A: You can buy these parts in various online stores such as, Amazon and others. The brand’s official website also sells these gears.

Q: Where can I find the model number of the Kohler toilet?

A: It is usually in the tank, either stamped with black or blue ink, or poured into the porcelain. The model number consists of four to five digits and can contain the letter K.


You shouldn’t waste a lot of time and energy looking for the top-rated Kohler toilet. We have covered the seven best units you can find on the market today.

Best Kohler toilet

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