The 7 best tech accessories for back to school

The 7 best tech accessories for back to school

It is still not very clear if the return to school will take place as planned, but somehow or other classes and studies will have to be resumed. And the new course is always a good opportunity to release equipment and gadgets that help us better carry out classes or, why not say it, work. So we wanted to make a small compilation of 7 gadgets or technological accessories that will come in handy for back to school or the office. We started!

Laptop backpack

the 7 best tech accessories for back to school backpack

If there is something that is absolutely necessary to go to school, university and even work, that is the backpack. We must look for a backpack in which we can put our laptop, which is resistant and has enough compartments so that we can carry everything we need.

It is also important that the backpack is comfortable, both in the area of ​​the back and the straps. If our laptop is not particularly light we will appreciate it.

We currently have hundreds and hundreds of different models of laptop backpack on the market. From those with more serious designs to the most striking. We also have very technological models, with USB connections so that we can comfortably charge the mobile by adding a powerbank. In short, we are sure to find a model that fits our style.


the 7 best tech accessories for back to school headphones

For many the headphones they can also be considered a totally basic gadget. Whether to go to school or to study isolating ourselves a bit from the world, music can be our great companion.

We have hundreds of different models of headphones on the market. But if your budget allows it, We recommend that you opt for a model that has noise cancellation. In your long study sessions they will help you isolate yourself from everything that happens around you and concentrate on what you are doing.

Tablet with stylus

the 7 best tech accessories for back to school tablet

Your school may have already switched to the use of tablets or Chromebook computers, so this accessory will not be a recommendation, but an obligation. However, if not, it is highly recommended that you get hold of a tablet that supports the use of a stylus.

It does not have to be an iPad, although most of us think of the Apple tablet as the first option, since currently both Samsung and Huawei have good options. But adding a tablet to your college or university computer will allow you to take notes directly in digital, with all that this entails. You will also be able to vitaminize those notes with links, videos, graphics and everything that comes to mind.


The 7 best tech accessories for the portable back to school

If we are at a more advanced level, such as university, it is possible that with a tablet we will not have enough. Yes, we already know that there are currently very powerful tablets, but there are certain programs that do not work on tablets.

If we are going to use very specific programs or that require a lot of power, we are going to need a laptop. The ideal would be to choose a lightweight model, since we will surely need to take it with us everywhere. In addition, we must make sure that it has a good technical set, a quality screen and good autonomy.

LED desk lamp

the 7 best tech accessories for back to school desk lamp

Going back to school means, among other things, that we are going to have to study again. Yes, it is inevitable. If you are one of those who usually take advantage of the silence at night to study, you are going to need a desk lamp.

Currently we can find very interesting lamps and, why not say it, technological. For example we have the Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S from Xiaomi, a lamp with dimmable light via mobile app and that we can use in multiple positions.

External hard drive

The 7 best tech accessories for back to school external hard drive

A external hard drive It is one of the best purchases you can make at almost any time. But when you are studying it is almost essential, since you will need to move files of all kinds many times.

The ideal is to opt for a hard disk of 2.5 inch, since the 3.5 require external power and are much more difficult to transport. And within the 2.5-inch discs, if we want speed, we can opt for a disc SSD. We will have less storage, but if our computer has a USB-C port we can copy files at a speed unthinkable for the usual USB 3.0.

Kensington lock

the 7 best tech accessories for back to school padlock

If we have spent or our parents have spent money to buy computer equipment, it is best that we protect it. In class we may not need it, but we may need it if we are going to use our device in public places such as the library or the study room.

The most popular laptop locks are those of the brand Kensington. They usually have a combination or a key to secure the device to a fixed structure, such as a table leg. This will prevent other people’s friends from taking over our team in an oversight.

Extreme battery

The 7 best tech accessories for back to school drums

And although in the title we had said 7 gadgets, we did not want to finish our selection without including a device that today is practically essential. It is a Extreme battery, which will help us to have energy to reach the end of the day both on our mobile and on other devices.

As with the rest of devices, right now we can find a large number of different models on the market. From those that offer multiple connectors to those that even allow you to charge your mobile wirelessly.

Our recommendation is that you look for a battery with good capacity, but not excessively exaggerated, as you will add a lot of unnecessary weight to your backpack. Also, it would be interesting to choose a model with various types of USB connector, which will allow us to charge both devices that have USB-C and those that use older connectors.

And finally, and if we have a compatible device, it would be ideal if the battery we buy counts with fast charging system. This will save us a lot of time, with the convenience that this entails.

And so far our small selection of essential gadgets for going back to school. Do you use any without which you could not live and we have not mentioned? Leave it in comments.

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