The 8 best low flow toilets in 2020

Environmentally conscious homeowners can agree with me if low flow toilets can save water, the environment and money.

There are many facilities that offer you these benefits, making it almost impossible to choose the right one.

What is the best low flow toilet on the market? I looked at the eight best models you can install in your toilet.

Low flow toilets

Top 8 low flow toilets rating

Before I give you the low flow toilet buying guide, let’s review the eight best facilities you can find there.

1. AMERICAN STANDARD 288DA114.020 toilet

The American standard 288DA114.020 is a two-part toilet that is supplied in different boxes to enable easy transportation. It’s a lightweight model that you can handle without looking for help.

One great thing about this device is the ultra-high efficiency it offers you as it consumes 1.1 gallons per flush. It is a low-consumption model that saves you water, saves money and protects the environment.

The toilet comes with the WaterSense certificate, so you know you have the right system. Another notable feature is the EverClean interface, which makes maintenance of your facility easier.

The two-part type of installation facilitates assembly and placement in all types of bathrooms. It also features Siphon Jet Bowl technology, which helps keep the rim clean every time you rinse.

2. TOTO CST746CSMG # 01 Longer toilet

The unit has a newly improved design that makes it the perfect model for all bathrooms. It makes your room beautiful and fits most decors.

A feature that users love is the DYNAMAX TORNADO Flush, which enables cleaning up to 360 degrees. You can be sure that all corners of the bowl are touched by high pressure water.

The product offers a bowl height of 14.93. You can add the seat height to achieve the ADA standard. It is made of CEFIONTECH ceramic glaze, which prevents mold and dirt from sticking to the surface.

The two-piece model has an elongated design that saves space and gives your washroom a breathtaking look. You can use the system’s dual purge function to drive out 0.8 gallon liquids per flush or 1.6 gallon solids liquid per flush.

3. TOTO Drake CST744S # 01 Oblong bowl and tank

It’s another two-piece toilet that you can install in limited bathrooms due to the elongated design. You can install it in minutes and install it soon.

The product has a contemporary design that will add beauty to your toilet and will last for years. A feature that makes it a water saver is the G-MAX flushing system, which is powerful enough to drive out all materials.

It is a system that was developed for a standard flushing performance and is quiet in operation. The model enables fast flushing thanks to its 3-inch valve, which offers 125% more capacity than a 2-inch valve.

Another thing is the fully glazed case, which allows easy cleaning and prevents clogging.

4. KOHLER K-3999-0 Two-part elongated toilet

The model comes with a comfortable, elongated shell that resembles a standard chair. This gives you an excellent system that you can easily use while standing or sitting.

It is a WaterSense toilet that meets all EPA flushing standards to guarantee you water protection. The system uses 20% less water than 1.6 gallons per flush model to drive off solids and liquids.

Another feature is Class Five (R), with which you can achieve effective waste flushing performance. It is ranked as the best bowl when it comes to cleanliness among its class products.

The 3-hole installation makes installation easier compared to other toilets. The system also comes with three pre-installed tank bolts that save time when assembling.

5. Practical height 20 inch extra high toilet

The system gives you an extra tall toilet bowl that offers 20 inches and reaches 21 inches when you add the seat. It comes with a metal handle that guarantees its durability and makes it easier to use.

The toilet increases the safety of your washroom by allowing you to sit and stand easily. There is only a limited possibility of falling, which makes it the right model for all family use.

It offers you high performance to guarantee you the quality service you want. Another thing to keep in mind is that the plumber registrar has approved this device.

The model offers two flushing options that allow you to use 0.9 gallons per flush or 1.28 gallons per flush. With this function you can save water and bills.

6. TOTO CST743ER # 01 round bowl toilet

It is an ECO DRAKE toilet that you can flush with up to 1.28 gallons per flush. The model was developed for commercial purposes thanks to its coupled commercial material.

Another thing to note is that the model gives you high performance to keep your toilet clean. Its round front shell makes it the perfect unit for installation in limited bathrooms.

The other great feature is the E-MAX flushing system, which provides enough pressure to keep the bowl clean. You get a five-year warranty on the bowl and other parts.

The model allows you to install it in a 12-inch rough-in, which allows you to move all of the waste into the sewer. It also has a right trigger that makes it easy to flush your toilet.

7. AMERICAN STANDARD 2988101.020 Cadet Round Front WC

The first thing you notice when choosing this toilet is the hidden TrapWay, which makes cleaning easier. It comes with a round front design that allows you to easily install it in small bathrooms.

The model is supplied with a slow, closed lid and seat, which guarantee quiet operation and do not strike. Another notable thing is FloWise technology, which can save you water.

It’s a low flow model that uses 1.28 gallons per flush, which is 20% less than a standard toilet. The model also features EverClean technology that prevents odors and stains that can lead to mold.

You can also rely on the PowerWash rim scrubs to ensure you get a clean bowl every time you rinse. TrapWay technology makes cleaning easier without clogging.

8. KOHLER K-3589-0 Cimarron comfort height extended

It is a two-part toilet with an elongated design, which allows you to install your model in the smallest of spaces. This design also makes it the most comfortable system for the whole family.

It has a comfortable height that resembles a chair so that you can sit and stand comfortably. You can bet that it is the right model for adults and children.

The combination consists of the tank K-4418 and the bowl K-4309. It is a model that offers good value for money as it lasts for years without being damaged.

You can safely add it to your toilet as you know it takes up less space and saves water.

Low flow toilet buying guide: 10 things to consider

When choosing your low flow toilet, consider the following:

  • design: You need to consider the diameter size of the opening to make sure you get a functional unit. The design should allow for a stronger flush that drains all of the waste.
  • Quality material: Although toilets are made of porcelain, different brands use different manufacturing processes. This process can result in a permanent model that may not last for decades.
  • Dual flush: With this function you can save more water when rinsing liquids. Note that you may have to pay more for a double product because it offers better features and more water saving.
  • Flushing performance: A toilet with more stars or one that meets the different industry standards can perform better. Find a WaterSense device and one recommended by installers.
  • Rough measurement: You should try to get a toilet that fits your current drainage system. This can save you money during installation.
  • Special offers and discounts: Some brands offer discounts or special offers to promote the use of low flow toilets. You can also enjoy these services from some states.
  • Bowl size and attachment: There are different types of bowls, and that means that you should choose a toilet that suits your needs. You can choose an elongated one or peck around the device.
  • spare Parts: Another thing is to get a system that you can fix with ease. You shouldn’t wait for years to get an extra bolt or cover.
  • ADA compliant: Your model should meet the ADA standard to provide the perfect height for all users. It should also minimize accidents in your bathroom.
  • Color scheme: Choose a model that matches your color taste and toilet decor.

frequently asked Questions

Find out more about low flow toilets with these questions and answers:

Q: What are low flow toilets?

A: A low flow toilet is a system that focuses on flushing with minimal water. Such a model can use 20-60% less water compared to a standard system, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Low flow toilets are efficient and did not come onto the market until the late 1980s so households could save water.

Q: How much water do low flow toilets save?

A: Low flush toilets consume approximately 1.1 gallons to approximately 1.28 gallons per flush. This can mean that you save between 1.9 and 7 gallons per flush compared to standard toilets.

These products can effectively reduce your water consumption by 50% and reduce your household water bill by 30%.

Q: Are low flow closures clogged more easily?

A: Yes and no. The first generation of these toilets lack the pressure to clean the drain and internal trap, which can lead to blockages.

However, the modern unit offers a low flow rate, which helps to save water and yet generate enough pressure to remove the liquid and the solid.

Q: How much do low flow toilets cost?

A: The average price for a low flow toilet is $ 300. That said, you can find affordable models that cost less than $ 150 and more expensive ones for over $ 350.


The above rating includes some of the top rated low flow toilets so you can choose the ideal one for your washroom. We hope you can now choose a system that meets your bathroom needs.

Best toilets with low flow

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