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The accessory that your mobile needs yes or yes in summer does not cost even 20 euros

The accessory that your mobile needs yes or yes in summer does not cost even 20 euros

If your mobile phone gets too hot, Xiaomi also has for you a very economical solution in the form of a universal refrigerator, like this Mijia Flydigi that does not cost even 20 euros on AliExpress

Accessories gain prominence in the smartphone industry, and this is not a strange situation because the simplification of the designs has long since pointed towards that aversion to cables, which has inevitably led to the massive arrival of wireless headphones, the latest Pixel Buds from Google itself, and the wireless charging using Qi standard.

In any case, the current smartphone ecosystem goes much further, and if Xiaomi has in its catalogs gadgets and products of all kinds, it is logical to see the Chinese giant proposing solutions to problems as disparate as heat dissipation on a smartphone now that summer is coming, something that mobiles already anticipated us to gamers and its enormous hardware powers.

Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi universal refrigerator

If your mobile phone gets too hot, the Mijia Flydigi will be your star accessory this summer

Do you have a mobile phone that overheats? Well here we have the one who will be your star accessory at least on the hottest days, also more than useful when you want to play keeping the temperature of your mobile at bay, because this new Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi universal refrigerator It comes with its relevant RGB LEDs and quite remarkable capabilities, it is very economical to become almost essential.

The new Mijia Flydigi from Xiaomi joins the range of ‘gaming’ accessories from the Chinese manufacturer, with the capacity to cool any smartphone and a rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of autonomy

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Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi universal refrigerator

An absolutely essential accessory if you like to play with your smartphone

And why should I need a refrigerator for the smartphone?

As well, this new universal cooler from Xiaomi has many good things, since the similar accessories that we had seen required continuous connectivity to a USB power supply as there was no own battery, something that took away much of their attractiveness.

In this case the new Mijia Flydigi will strive to keep your mobile cool while you play, preventing the smartphone battery from being damaged by high temperatures in addition to the chipset, which must not exceed a certain limit or it could cause the terminal to restart by chance, ruining our best game in Fortnite.

Too prevents pain in the hands or inflammation caused by continued postures at elevated temperatures, and all with a very comfortable weight of only 40 grams thanks to its TPU plastic materials and ABS suction cups that also prevent allergies and skin problems.

Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi universal refrigerator

Universal and easy to anchor, with a plastic piece and three ABS suction cups

It is a universal accessory, not only for Xiaomi, so can be attached to any current smartphone using a plastic hook and the three suction cups, being able set up to 3 fan speed levels so that the mobile phone remains in good condition in any situation.

It is also quite efficient, because with a 700 mAh lithium battery offers up to 6 hours of autonomy in continuous use, charging in an hour and a half to its maximum capacity in any USB connector.

And in case everything seems little to you, the Mijia Flydigi is also very quiet, with a noise level between 10 and 20 dB, making sure not to disturb the ear with excessive noise while playing our favorite video games.

Without a doubt a most interesting accessory, measuring 82.6 x 62 x 20.2 millimeters and has to round with RGB lighting inside giving it a very gaming, all at a price that does not exceed 15 euros on AliExpress … Are you going to miss it?

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