The Alexa app makes it easier to control other devices

Alexa is Amazon’s assistant, present in a large number of products, such as the brand’s Echo speakers available in Spain. Amazon wants its assistant to continue advancing and can compete with others such as Google Assistant or Siri. So the assistant app available on Android or iOS continues to get new features.

Until now, if the user wanted to control a device such as a speaker with Alexa, they had to use the app on their phone at all times, control it manually. Fortunately, a function that many expected was introduced, since hands-free feature launches in your app.

Alexa already supports hands-free

This new function is being prepared to arrive in a few days at the Alexa application on Android and iOS. Thanks to the hands-free function, users they won’t have to touch their phone to take any action, but a voice command is going to be enough. It will be possible to perform actions such as controlling devices at home without having to touch the phone.

For this to be possible, users have to first ask the assistant to use it on the phone (Google Assistant, for example) that open the Alexa application. Then, when said application has already been opened on the device, the desired actions can be performed using voice commands, you will not have to press the blue button to do so, as was the case until now. You are going to be able to save time this way.

This function can only be used if the phone is unlocked and the app Amazon wizard open on screen. If this is true, then you will be able to use it without any problem. A function that will allow you to use this assistant more comfortably and thus control devices in your home in a simpler way at all times. The function will be deployed these days in the app, so make sure you have it updated:




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