the app that changes the face of a famous person for yours

Deepfake is a very popular technology that allows you to replace your face with someone else’s. More and more applications are seen in Spain that make use of it, and there is one that is starting to gain a lot of popularity among users. This application is Doublicat, which is intended to be able to change your face for that of a famous person.

With this application you will be able to transform into a famous person with little effort. Doublicat is in charge of making a face swap, change of faces, so that you are going to be able to become another person, in this case a famous person. In addition, you can do it for free.

Change your face for that of a famous

When you start using Doublicat, the first thing you are going to have to do is take a selfie. It is important that there is good light, that you see your face well and that this photo will be able to be used to be later replaced by that of a famous person. The application will indicate if this selfie is good or acceptable to be used.

Once the photo is taken, you will find all kinds of galleries with photos or videos of celebrities, where you can use then transform your face. There are also plenty of GIFs with scenes from series, movies or video clips, so you can put your face in all kinds of situations. When you find the one you like, just select it and then wait for the application to do its job and create the final result. This is a process that takes a few seconds.

Of course, everything you have created with Doublicat you will be able to share on social networks with your friends, in addition to messaging applications. The idea is that they are photos or GIFs of the most fun, so that you can share with others. The application gives you the possibility to save them in your gallery or to share them directly with others. The quality of GIFs in some cases is not particularly good, but in others it is a fun result.

How does privacy work?

One of the big doubts in this type of applications is if privacy works the right way. Before you start using Doublicat on the phone, permission is asked to take the selfie. In addition, the application says that they use your photo only for the application, that your image or your data is not shared with third parties.

In its section on Privacy, the application states that the data you upload (the photos you upload) they are not stored more than 24 hours after you have finished to use the app. They remain stored on their servers until the end of that session. So when you have finished creating that content you want, it will be deleted.

Download Doublicat on Android

Doublicat is available for free on the Play Store. Inside the application there are ads, which can be removed if we resort to the paid version of it. In this version we have access to some additional functions, which allow us to enjoy the app more, although for this change of face the free version is enough.




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