The Apple Music website is redesigned to follow the lines of iOS 14

The possibility of using a platform on different devices is fundamental in our life. The presence of a large number of devices with different operating systems means that companies have to invest in facilitating the multi-operability of their applications. In the case of Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming platform has a large number of apps on different devices. It also has a website where you can play music from any browser. This website has been updated offering a new design that follows the design lines of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, in addition to adding a new section within the distribution by sections.

‘Listen’ is added to the side menu and Apple Music Web is redesigned

Currently, the Big Apple has the web version of Apple Music that was launched last year. However, a new web experience was published a few months ago that was coined as Beta Apple Music Web. In this way, Apple could offer news and aspects that it tested with users who wanted to access this beta. It is likely that the official website to play content will disappear with the launch of iOS 14, macOS Big Sur and iPadOS 14 since the web beta includes many new features that the official website does not have.

A few days ago, the beta of the Apple Music Web was updated in two ways. First, it was offered a new design more in line with iOS 14, especially at the level of components, navigation menus, backgrounds and arrangement of elements. Secondly, the ‘For you’ section has been removed, which was also replaced in the iOS 14 app by the new ‘Listen’ section. This section still occupies the sidebar at the top.

In this Listen section we will be able to see thanks to our likes, reproductions and use of the platform, new recommended playlists and playlists made by the platform such as Favorites Mix or Chill Mix. If you want to try this new version, you just have to access the Apple Music beta from the web by following this link.

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