The Apple Store app receives a new section 'For you'

Going in person to an Apple Store is an experience. Especially now that it has enough security measures and long queues to access to test the devices. In addition, depending on where we live, we may be a little far from one of the physical stores of Apple. However, we have the Apple Store app, trying to replace the face-to-face experience. In this application we can consult, reserve and reserve products, sessions in physical stores, consult our products and, finally, buy the devices. In your new update, includes a new section called ‘For you’ completely personalized depending on our devices.

Compare your devices with newer ones in the section ‘For you’

In the new For You section you can see the status of your orders, your devices, services, reservations and even advice for your products. All in the same place.

The new section For you It’s in the middle of the app’s central menu. When we enter, at the top will always appear first the shipments that Apple has made to us or are about to arrive at our homes. With this Apple saves you having to log into your website to check the tracking. Also, The Apple Store app learns of the use we make of it and offers us recommendations How to request a session in a physical store near us.

Below we find our devices. If we access the file of each one we can consult the basic information of the same, and check what is its estimated renewal value for Apple. Finally, we have an accessories section and more, where we can consult and buy all kinds of items compatible with that device. On the other hand, we can compare the device with a newer one by clicking on ‘compare’ or ‘check the differences’ when we are in the product sheet to compare.

At the end of the section, Apple offers us a series of additional sections with content that we might like. For example, ads for Apple Music and Apple TV +. At the bottom of the section we find ‘Recommended for your devices’, a series of products or accessories that are compatible with our devices and are recommended by Apple.

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