"The Baby": Sky and HBO produce black humor horror series

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Should a woman become a mother? What are the downsides of being a mother who is said to be so happy? In “The Baby”, Sky and HBO want to show the unadorned sides of unwanted motherhood.

Today Sky announced the contract to produce the new Sky Original. The script for the black-humored horror series “The Baby” was first written by Siân Robins-Grace (“Kaos”, “Sex Education”), while the Sky and HBO co-production was created by Robins-Grace and Lucy Gaymer (Production Manager of “Gangs of London “,” Liar “). Sister and Proverbial Pictures will now produce the series. The shooting is scheduled to take place in Great Britain in 2021.

The story of “The Baby” revolves around motherhood and the social rules women are exposed to with dark humor. The main character is Natasha, who inadvertently has a child at the age of 38. Suddenly her life is upside down and the baby takes away her freedom. Controlling, manipulating and using brutal violence, the baby transforms Natasha’s world into a horror show. Where does this power of the child come from and why is it so? And how far does Natasha have to go to get her life back?

In a frightening and absurdly funny way, the series wants to dismantle the myth of “motherly joys” and deals with the questions of whether and who should have children or not. Natasha didn’t want a child. But she wants the baby as a mother.

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