The best accessories to play on your mobile phones

These accessories will allow us to get the most out of video games on our smartphones.

With increasingly powerful smartphones on the market, enjoying our favorite video games is a real joy. It doesn’t matter if they are racing games, action games or from major companies like Nintendo, mobile titles have more and more quality and that is always good.

Now, to get the most out of our smartphone we must have the best accessories. Controls, headphones, a good external battery … but, What to choose from all that is available? We help you and all this without you having to spend a lot of money on it.

Xbox Wireless Controller

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The Xbox controller is possibly the best gadget to enjoy mobile video games

Although playing with touch controls is possible, where there is a good command that removes the rest. Furthermore, there are many smartphone games where precise controls are required and this will always be achieved with a controller and not with the touch screen. For example is the case of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In this case we are going to choose the Xbox controller, not only for the fact of being wireless but also for having batteries, which gives it a much greater autonomy than the batteries.

Good bluetooth headphones

Playing with your mobile or tablet means doing it outdoors, on a travel train or in the living room with the rest of our family and it would not be the first time that we disturb the rest of the staff. That is why it is important to have good wireless headphones that allow us to enjoy the sound of our titles without disturbing anyone.. We are going to opt for the realme Buds Air Neo, since they are very cheap and have a super low latency mode perfect for video games, although we can also opt for others like those of Xiaomi, equally valid and also very cheap.

A large capacity external battery

External batteries

Never miss an external battery in your pocket

The bad thing about playing with a mobile is that its battery runs out soon. If we do short gaming sessions that is not a problem but if we want to spend the whole afternoon it can be, especially if we use the smartphone for other tasks. But do not worry because we bring you a quality external battery so that the power of our device never runs out. This time We have chosen a 20,000 mAh battery from Xiaomi. You know, unbeatable value for money.

A case to carry batteries and cables

Of course we must also have a good case to store our accessories, especially external batteries and charging cables. This model that we bring you below allows for just over 10 euros, transport all our cables without them getting lost. An essential if we like to play with the mobile anywhere and anywhere.

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