The best Acer monitors to mount your work equipment at home

acer monitors telework 2020

Telecommuting is here to stay. It is a fact, many companies have opted for remote work as a preventive measure to avoid more infections. Based on this premise, having a team adapted to the needs of our work activity is essential if we want to maintain a good workflow. In this regard, brands such as Acer have opted to launch different productivity-oriented equipment, such as computers, mice and monitors. On this occasion we have collected several Acer monitors for teleworking.

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Acer EK220QA

acer monitor telework 1

One of the cheapest Acer monitors. Currently we can get this model for 99 euros in stores as PC components.

If we limit ourselves to the technical characteristics of the equipment, the monitor uses a 21.5-inch screen with LED technology, FullHD resolution and 250 nits of brightness. The interesting thing about this monitor is that it has a 75Hz maximum refresh rate, so we can make use of it to play certain titles. It should be noted that the response time is 5 milliseconds.

Acer ED242QR

This monitor inherits some of the features of the previous model and adds a number of added benefits. The first and most interesting panel format, with a curved design that improves immersion when performing productivity tasks. To this we must add that it has a response time of 4 milliseconds and two HDMI and VGA ports.

In addition to having FreeSync technology to sync screen hertz With the graphics card’s FPS, it has a matte surface to reduce reflections. Its price is 139 euros in PC components.

Acer B7 B277bmiprx

monitor acer telework 2

We change third with a monitor intended for photography professionals. This model has a 27 screen with Full HD resolution. Nothing new so far. The interesting thing about this model comes from the hand of the design, which uses an adjustable base, not to mention the tiny thickness of its frames in. Comparison with the monitors we just saw.

Furthermore, the panel is based on an IPS type matrix, which allows you to obtain colors much more realistic than those of a traditional VA panel.

Acer VG0 Nitro VG240YU

acer telework monitor 0

This 23.8-inch monitor combines gaming features with specifications aimed at improving productivity. On the one hand, the screen has a IPS matrix with up to 300 nits of maximum brightness and Quad HD resolution.

In addition to having a millisecond response, the monitor has two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort port. Like the previous model, leans on an adjustable base and integrates FreeSync technology compatible with AMD graphics cards. Its price is 230 euros on Amazon.

Acer B7 B277Ubmiipprzx

It is the natural evolution of B277bmiprx mentioned above. The main differences of this monitor with respect to its counterpart start from the resolution and the size of the panel.

In summary, the monitor consists of a screen 27 inches with Quad HD resolution and IPS technology. The rest of the specifications are practically traced: height adjustable base, 4 milliseconds of response, frames with a minimal thickness … Its price is 335 euros, to which we must add another 15 euros for shipping costs if we do not have Amazon Prime subscription.

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