The best agenda applications and to organize the day

If you need to organize your day to day, take the opportunity to download the best calendar applications for your Android or iOS mobile device.

In Google Play there are a large number of applications of all kinds, such as those that offer the possibility of create your own deepfakes. So that you don’t miss a single one, from Andro4all we recommend a large number of them and with a different theme. If we recently brought you the best apps to make the shopping list; now we offer you a new listing with best agenda applications and to organize the day.

A list with applications that make everyday life, whether at work or in studies, good controlled and organized. Thanks to new technologies, and especially to smartphones, It is possible to organize the agenda in a simple and direct way, and nothing better for it than these applications that we detail below and that you should not miss.

Dark theme on Google Play Store

Google Play in dark mode on an Android smartphone.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar It is one of the most used tools both on Android devices on iOS. An app that stands out for its simplicity and for allowing users to save time and make the most of each day. In addition, it offers several ways to view the calendar, Gmail events, reminders to create and view pending tasks, and add and consult personal goals.

Microsoft OneNote


OneNote is one of the best apps to have our notes always ready, both on computer, tablets and mobile.

Microsoft OneNote It is another of the most popular apps, and it is used to use the notebook to take notes in a meeting or class. But that’s not all, since it can also be used to plan vacations or create lists, and has a large number of tools, such as bold, underline or italics.


Trello It is an app that is used in many companies to organize the work of a team. With a curious interface, but to which one easily adapts, it is an application that serves to organize long or short-term projects in which a large number of people participate. Through the creation of a board and several cards, Trello allows to organize the task in a simple way.

Google Keep

Google Keep on Android and other productivity apps

Keep is a useful notes and reminders app with a simple interface.

Google Keep is a useful notes and reminders app with a simple interface. Developed by the Mountain View company, it is an app designed for people to take notes and organize them in a simple way through colors. You can even create to-do lists, even using your own voice or adding photos.

Do it tomorrow

Do it tomorrow app

Do it tomorrow, an app to create to-do lists.

Do it tomorrow It is an application available for both Android and iOS devices that has a simple and original interface. An app that emulates the handwriting of a real agenda, and that allows you to create a list of pending tasks to do or to do another day. The iPhone version is priced at 3.49 euros, while Android download is completely free.


Todoist Android smartphone

Todoist is an app that helps manage tasks.

Todoist is an app that helps manage tasks in the best possible way. This application has a wide variety of features and a clear and intuitive interface. With it users can create new tasks, both individual and group, add relevant files or place labels, among other interesting functions.

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