The best Android apps to improve the content of our social networks

With these applications we can better manage our social networks, improving our content and approaching our audience

Social networks have become one of the essential tools today. Not only do they serve us to share photographs or to know what our friends are doing at all times, but for many it is a way to make themselves known and even to promote their own business.

The image we give on a social network says a lot about ourselves, hence we must be very careful with what we say or with the photographs we post. Furthermore, having a constantly updated social media profile is not always easy. although luckily we have many applications and tools that help us in this task.

The best platforms


Managing a social network is not a task of a few minutes, it requires time, perseverance and dedication

The first thing is to have installed on our smartphone the social networks that we are going to use. Because obviously it is not the same to manage a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin profile. Each of these social networks has a different objective, so the first thing we have to do is to specify the social networks that we are going to administer.

May your photos always be attractive

Capture with the Alcatel 3L camera

Taking good pictures with your mobile is easy, the difficult thing is that they stand out from the rest

The second is that it is not worth uploading any content to these social networks. If what we want is to stand out and that our content is original and unique, we must work it. Edit photos, correct brightness, color or shadow, or remove smudges or impurities. That is to say, that our photographs cause a WoW! in the viewer.

Give an informal touch to your content

Selfie camera on One Plus 7 Pro

GIFs and memes can help us get more audience

In addition to taking good pictures with the camera of our smartphone, we must know how to transmit our idea. For this, in addition to the photo edited with filters, we also have applications available that allow us to share our content with our followers through memes, GIFs and stickers. In this way we add an informal touch to our content, bringing us closer to our audience.

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