The best Android meditation apps to disconnect from everything

Calming the mind and obtaining a healthy lifestyle is possible thanks to these applications for Android devices.

Disconnecting, clearing your mind, and resting throughout the day is really important, even if you are working or studying. It is always good to take a short break to calm your mind and improve your quality of life. An action that you can perform with your smartphone, and specifically with best meditation apps for Android that will help you disconnect from everything.

Meditation, yoga and other series of activities contribute to obtain a healthy lifestyle, with a better quality. If you want to disconnect from everything and calm your mind, don’t miss out on these Android mobile applications. In addition, you can also take a look at these others to improve concentration or some applications to study better.

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Aura App

Aura is an app to breathe and meditate in three minutes.

Aura It is an ideal application to disconnect during the work or study day, since it offers the possibility of calming the nerves, relaxing or meditating in just three minutes. An action that will help you distract yourself and calm your mind before returning to your job. It even has guided meditations, also in three minute sessions duration.


Headspace Meditation and Sleep

Headspace Meditación y Sueño, another app with which to meditate on a daily basis.

Headspace is a really simple and diverse application, which allows users to exercise their minds through mindfulness, a meditation practice, a relaxation technique and a more relaxed attitude towards life. Ideal for both beginners and experts, this app has 10 animated episodes with which to learn the basic concepts of meditation and with meditations on different topics, it even has an offline mode.



Calm, one of the best apps to meditate and concentrate.

Stress is very bad and is one of the main causes of losing concentration. Calm, is one of the best apps for meditation and sleep. Guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs and even music to relax. A perfect app to disconnect from what you are doing for a few minutes and even to use it in the background while you work.


Intimate It is an ideal application to meditate in Spanish and is made by expert psychologists in mindfulness. The objective of this app is none other than that the user manages to disconnect the mind, even make this action a habit, with just 10 minutes a day. For this, it offers four different programs and 11 free meditations, among other details.

Simple Habit

Simple Habit It is an application focused on reducing the effects of stress on the body, and for this it uses a series of guided meditations. Among its features, it offers a wide quantity and variety of activities divided by categories or themes. An ideal application for those people who do not have much time to distract themselves throughout the day, and that can be used at any time.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think a really useful application that invites you to listen to your body with a physical and mental health check. An action that is important to obtain adequate mental space to achieve concentration. The application offers from yoga sessions to different meditations. It even has a progress meter to see the goals and remind you of the moment when it’s time to relax for a while.

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