The best applications to watch football matches for free and legally

With these free applications you can watch the football matches of your favorite team legally and directly from your smartphone.

Throughout the year there are soccer games practically every week, and many fans of this sport manage in a thousand ways to see the matches of their favorite teams. Even some others use their Android device to watch these games, so, to make things easier, we collect the best applications to watch football for free and legally that you can install on your mobile device, both Android and iOS.

In Google Play there are a large number of applications of all kinds -and every day that passes new ones are added-, such as those that offer the possibility of create your own deepfakes. There are also many others related to the world of sports, and specifically to watch football matches legally from a smartphone or tablet, and then we recommend the best, although there are more options.


Applications to watch football legally. | Photo: Emilio GarcĂ­a.

Also, if you also like video games, you can always manage your own team with these football manager titles for mobile. Here are the five best apps to watch football for free, although some require a subscription.

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Movistar +

Movistar + It is not only an application to watch movies and series, but also offers all kinds of sports. This app has the rights to the Spanish League and other major competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League, in addition to South American tournaments or leagues of the stature of the Italian. Although the app can free download for Android and iOS, you will need to have a subscription to be able to access sports channels.

Mitele Plus

Mitele Plus

Mitele Plus, another app with which to watch football matches from your mobile.

Mitele Plus is another option that exists in Spain to be able to watch soccer matches through the mobile phone. An app that works by capturing the broadcast signal but has an advantage, compared to Movitar +: it is not necessary to contract a fee or subscription. With Mitele Plus the user only pays to watch football, specifically matches from the Spanish league and European competitions.



DAZN is another alternative to watch soccer with your Android phone.

DAZN It is an application that can be downloaded completely free, but also requires a monthly paid subscription to enjoy football matches in the Spanish, English or Italian league, in addition to the UEFA Champions League. An app that came strongly to Spain and that also includes other types of sports, such as MotoGP or Formula 1.



WisePlay is a free media player.

WisePlay sneaks into this list because it is an app that has a large number of users who use it to watch football games. With a simple interface, this application is free but you need to have lists to be able to enjoy the games for free, allowing you to watch a lot of leagues from different countries.



With Ustream you can watch football for free from a smartphone.

UStream allows you to see a large number of football matches, such as the Spanish, English or UEFA Champions League, completely free. An app that has a clean and intuitive design and that does not require the user to be registered to enjoy this popular sport, but first you should look for the broadcasts of the matches, although it is a simple task.

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