The best apps to improve your content on Instagram

With these apps to edit photos and videos, you will be the envy of the entire Instagram community. Apps that everyone who uses said social network should have installed on their smarpthone.

We all like social networks and especially, we all love receiving “Likes” and praise for the content we upload on them. For it Instagram has become one of the best possible showcases and it is that as we have already said on more than one occasion, it is not necessary to have a professional camera to take great photographs.

Thanks to these apps that we bring you below, your photos and Instagram stories will be the envy of all your followers. Do not miss them!

VSCO: Photo and Video Editor

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VSCO is one of the best options to edit photos since its possibilities are endless

VSCO is a photo editor that allows us to improve all our images in detail. All this in addition offering a wide variety of filters that are very easy to apply and modify. Change the brightness, saturation, remove shadows … the possibilities with VSCO are endless so your photos will always have a unique look.

Unfold – Story Templates

Sometimes it is not only useful to take a good photograph but also to make it attractive. For this we have Unfold, an app that will help us achieve this adding frames, incorporating texts, stickers and much more. Thanks to this app, our stories on Instagram will be much more attractive.

Mojo – Create animated stories for Instagram

Galaxy S20 Ultra, photography

Instagram has become a very popular app, so in addition to a good camera we will need magnificent apps to edit our photos.

Instagram stories are much more than just a display of photographs, but also a place to show our videos. Mojo allows us to edit and therefore improve the level of our videos in addition to transforming our photos into “something animated”. The possibilities are incredible, so we recommend that you try it immediately.


Sometimes when it comes to creating multimedia content for our Instagram account, inspiration doesn’t come to us. Luckily we have apps like Steller that in addition to containing a multitude of themes, templates and other editing options, It also allows us to dive among a wide content created by its user community.. In this way we will see if the muse of inspiration reaches us.

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