The best armors and builds for any weapon (patch 14.01)

Regardless of whether you have just started Monster Hunter World or are already in the middle of the end game of Iceborne, our guide will tell you which armor set best suits your weapon.

If you are still in the middle of the original campaign, you have an especially easy choice: Since the release of Iceborne, every player has had it Defender set α available, which can easily compete with the best endgame builds of the main game. This should also make it possible for newcomers to complete the Monster Hunter World campaign in no time and thus achieve the master rank.

This is how you get the Defender Set α

Speak to the seller in the Equipment store, directly opposite the smithy. There you can buy the set for a little zenny. If the set is not displayed, talk to your steward palico first in your room to secure all available DLC items.

In keeping with the defender armor, all players also have access to them from the start of the game Defender weapons. These also have the purpose of guiding you through the main game without any problems. You can make the defender weapons at the smithy.

The best armor for master rank

As soon as you reach master rank and thus the Iceborne campaign, the defender set will quickly lose its usefulness. However, once you defeat the Nargacuga every branch of arms has access to a transition set that will serve you well until the end of the campaign. How to defeat the Nargacuga and all other beasts from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne can be found here.

It is only a little more complicated with the bow, as this weapon cannot benefit from the Nargacuga set bonus. For this reason, we are presenting two alternative sets for this weapon instead.

The strongest endgame armor for every weapon that necessary jewels, Talismans, Skills as well as the recommended weapons for each build you can find out on the following pages:

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