The best audio interface for under $ 300

A guide to the best audio interfaces for $ 300 or less

What can we say about audio interfaces? Life without them would simply not be the same. Today we wanted to focus on a popular price range that we are often asked for – audio interfaces under $ 300. In our opinion, this is more than enough money to get a model that is quite high in terms of sound quality and performance. We recommend that you keep in mind how many inputs and outputs you want, what kind of software the interface you’re looking at is bundled, and any other controls you may want (e.g. layered screens on the device) on-board monitoring and other types of controls that some offer).

The best audio interfaces for under $ 300

Audient iD14

The best audio interface for under $ 300

This 10-in / 4-out USB 2.0 interface features two of Audient’s well-known Class A console microphone preamplifiers that offer great and proven sound. The high-quality 2-in / 4-out Burr-Brown converters add shine to the way your sound is processed. It gets a bit technical when it comes to how preamps and converters actually make a difference. So if you are interested in these details, you should do some research, otherwise it will be proven over and over again.

What really blew us away at first is how they are able to make so many entrances and exits. The product’s 8-channel ADAT input allows expansion to ten channels. The Audient iD14 also has a virtual scroll wheel that makes controlling the DAW and other plug-ins convenient and easy. The console monitor has mono, polarity, cut, talkback and cue mix controls. All of these provisions allow users to produce great, transparent music and liven up all recording performance. With multiple five-star ratings or really any form of measurement from online ratings, it’s clear why the compact Audient iD14 is currently considered one of the best audio interfaces under $ 300.


A great interface under $ 300

For the best audio interface under $ 300, we should consider the MOTU M4 4 × 4 audio interface as an option for several reasons. With the 4-in / 4-out function, which is connected via a USB-C connection, a certain sound is generated with the various properties of the product. This includes the ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC technology for clear audio and optimized drivers for some outputs with very low latency. Two microphone preamplifiers have individual setting options for amplification and phantom power.

With the loopback functions of the M4, live streaming on the Internet is interference-free if you wish and offers high-quality output. A colored LCD screen simplifies the operation of the audio interface and gives the user a high degree of control over the mix. The software included in the purchase consists of MOTU Performer Lite, Ableton Live 10 Lite and a series of bundled loops / sounds. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS for desktop functions MOTU M4 is light and small enough to be easily transported from one gig to another.

Solid State Logic SSL2

A new but amazing audio interface under $ 300

The Solid State Logic SSL2 The USB audio interface is considered the best audio interface under $ 300 by a number of users who have already given these myriad positive reviews and has only been available for less than a year. This from SSL only has 2-in / 2-out functions, but is extremely powerful. It also comes with Windows and Mac OS compatible software and is aimed at desktop users. This includes the SSL Production Pack, Bomb Factory plug-ins, Pro Tools First, Ableton Live Lite, Komplete Start and Hybrid Keys.

Users also have access to SSL Native software, with Drumstrip and Vocalstrip 2 included with purchase. In addition, there are a number of 1.5 GB models from Loopcloud that the user can explore. Two microphone, line and instrumental preamplifiers produce high quality sound. This makes SSL2 the ideal audio interface for a studio, regardless of size and function. However, our favorite feature is the Legacy 4K button, which provides the preamplifiers with two key features of the company’s 4,000-signal chain, a high-frequency equalizer boost, and adds harmonic distortion for a unique sound. Ideal for recording guitars.

PreSonus Studio 26c

PreSonus is a great brand in the interface game

DJs and other musicians have classified this as their firm favorite because it offers excellent sound quality and at the same time is robust enough to withstand the requirements of a portable device. This is an acoustic USB-C interface with 2 inputs / 4 outputs, which is available with 2 XMAX-L preamplifiers. These offer the PreSonus signature sound and a proven clarity – these guys know how to style their interfaces.

The digital resolution available with this product is professional and gives the music mixer access to a converter that works with a resolution of up to 192 kHz. This audio interface has user-friendly A / B monitoring that is flexible and offers smooth transitions. With a set of five-pin MIDI ports, the PreSonus Studio 26c The offer gives the user the opportunity to connect to other devices to improve the quality of their final offer. The software package that comes with the product includes the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite, which contains many popular plug-ins worth hundreds of dollars.

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4

We have to insert this interface here

We almost went to an audio interface guide without mentioning a Scarlett, but failed here. The Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 The product has a USB 2.0 port and has two critically acclaimed Focusrite microphone or instrument preamps preinstalled. The combination is as simple as using the front panel. They feature Focusrite’s popular Air mode, which allows the user to access the air effect that so many musicians are looking to add to their productions because of the enhanced sound quality and clarity they offer.

Included are high-performance converters with 24-bit / 192 kHz AD / DA, which offer the customer some mixing options for listening to high-quality music. Included software includes the Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack, Ableton Live Lite, the Focusrite Red 2 and Red 3 plug-in suite, and access to the Focusrite plug-in collective. Focusrite has negotiated with Splice to offer new users a free three-month subscription to Splice Sounds that will allow them to access millions of loops, presets and one-shots. Our last choice as the best audio interface under $ 300.

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