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The best cheap security cameras you can buy

The best cheap security cameras you can buy

Easy to install and easy to use. So are these home security cameras.

It is no longer necessary to spend too much or turn to specialized companies to set up our own home security system. IP camerassmall surveillance cameras they can help you control what happens while you are away, easily.

These are some of the best security cameras you can buy. They are comfortable, take up little space and you can easily control them from your smartphone. We tell you all its characteristics.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 °

The motors that the Xiaomi camera incorporates allow you to rotate up, down, left and right without any impediment. It has 360 ° horizontal viewing angle and 115 ° vertical angle. There will be nothing that escapes you. It is capable of recording in 720p, also at night thanks to its night vision system.

Victure 1080P

Victure’s camera promises a very simple installation, you just have to place it wherever you want it to record. It doesn’t matter if you are from Android or iOS, you can use it together with its application whatever your device. It is capable of recording in Full HD while maintaining a stable signal. You will also have the possibility to direct it to capture every last corner.

TP Link IP Camera

Like the previous ones, this small camera is very easy to install. It has a night vision system that promises sharp images up to 8 meters away, in addition to Full HD videos and clarity at all times. Its rotating structure allows it to move in an angle of 360º in the horizontal plane, and up to 114º in the vertical.

COOAU Outdoor Surveillance Camera

This camera has been designed for placement outdoors. It can record in Full HD and has night vision in addition to an infrared system. You’ll get sharp, clear and colorful images during the day. Thanks to infrared, night vision will automatically activate in the dark. In addition, it comes with an integrated microphone and anti-noise speaker.

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