The best cheap wireless headphones for sports

If you are looking to do sports while enjoying the best music and podcasts, these cheap headphones can be a good purchase.

Some wireless headphones They may be the best accessory for our smartphone. There is a great choice of different models, but if you want to play sports with them, you will have to look for some key characteristics. Among them, a good system of support and resistance to sweat.

These are some of the best cheap wireless headphones for sports. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 You can connect them to any device, it does not matter if you are from Android or iOS. We tell you its main characteristics.

Muzili bluetooth headphones

Muzili’s headphones will surround your ear so they don’t come loose no matter how busy your exercise sessions are. Its weight is negligible, just 4 grams. Its battery will give you about 6 hours of playback, although you can completely shit them up to 5 times thanks to the 800 mAh of its case. It is important for you to know, they are waterproof and come with IPX7 certification.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

We are facing completely wireless headphones, but they have a cable that connects them and will allow you to gain an extra hold. Thanks to the IPX7 certification you will not have to worry about sweat, nor rain or splashes. Also, they arrive with fast charge, with just an hour and a half connected you will gain up to 10 hours of playback.

Arbily Bluetooth Headsets

The Arbily headphones have been launched in 2020 and have a support that will surround your ears so you run, jump and move freely. Each earphone will give you about 5 hours of music per chargeAlthough you can get a total of 55 hours thanks to its 1,000 mAh case. Could not miss the IPX7 certification, they will withstand sweat and splashes.

HolyHigh Bluetooth Headset

HolyHigh’s creation comes with an ergonomic design that promises to fit smoothly while exercising. They have IPX7 certification, you won’t have to worry about splashes and sweat, the headphones will be protected. Its charging case incorporates a 600 mAh battery, you can recharge the headphones up to 6 times, achieving a total playing time of 35 hours.

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