The best Chrome extensions to learn online

The best Chrome extensions to learn online

One of the great changes that the health crisis of COVID-19 has entailed has to do with the form of face-to-face teaching. Since last March, all educational centers closed to stop the spread of coronavirusTherefore, students have had to continue their training through digital platforms, either with the help of teachers or on their own.

Moving from face-to-face to virtual education so immediately has caused many to get used to this new form of online learning on the fly, and it is not always easy. Therefore, today we have selected a series of tools to help us focus and stay productive during your study sessions.

Then these are the best Google Chrome extensions to learn online. Let’s go there!

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Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy

We started with the extension of the Royal Spanish Academy for Google, which will allow you simplify the search for word meanings that you want to consult. A really useful and practical way to use the RAE dictionary on any online text that you are consulting.

Once installed, the operation is quite intuitive. Just write “dle” (acronym for “dictionary of the Spanish language”) followed by the word you want to search for, and press “enter”.


Full Page Screen Capture

If what you want is save an entire web page as an image, you will need to use the Full Page Screen Capture extension for the browser. Without a doubt, one of the best to save entire web pages.

After installing it, you can click on the extension button and you will get a preview with the content of the page in full. Finally, it will suffice with download the image in PNG format from the right mouse button.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine similar to Google, but it is used to search for information in many sources at the same time when doing academic work, and add these references in citation format.

The Google Scholar extension, add a button to the browser for quick access from any web page, and transfer your query to the search engine on the official website:


Daum Equation Editor

Another online tool and totally free. Daum Equation Editor allows you write and edit equations comfortably, to later save them in text format or as an image to integrate them into your documents.

To write them, you can make use of the characters on your keyboard or use the symbols menu that is integrated in the extension in case the equations are a bit more complex.

Google docs documents

Google documents offline

By working with Google Docs offline, you can access Google Drive, to create or edit files with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, without the need to be connected to the internet.

Working with files offline is very useful if you want to take the opportunity to review or study something in the middle of a trip or, if unfortunately you do not have internet at that time, you can continue editing documents.



Forest is an extension created expressly for help you forget that irresistible need to consult other websites, and focus on your task through a fun gamification system.

The idea is to create a virtual forest, which will grow more and more, as The longer the period without accessing the websites you have selected. On the contrary, if you finally fall into the temptation to take a little look at those pages, your beloved forest will disappear.

It also has a mobile app explicitly designed to forget your dependence on mobile.



This extension for Chrome solves most of the problems derived from a incorrect grammatical structure when working on any text.

Grammarly will warn you of various grammatical errors while offering different options to correct them. These corrections can be used when writing in any blog, in your social networks or emails.

Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight is a kind of virtual highlighter that allows you to highlight the content that may be more interesting to you on the pages you are visiting. This tool uses an algorithm to choose the most important sentences, based on the repetition of terms in the text you are consulting.

It also allows you to insert reference symbols that complement the highlighted information in the text. Perfect to use with notes that you have saved in text files in the cloud or locally.



This extension is quite useful, as it allows save all open browser tabs with just one click.

It will also be useful to have this extension on hand for when you have shut down the computer quickly and running, and you have to later retrieve the pages you were working on.

Save to Pocket

Save to pocket

Save To Pocket is designed to allow users to save entire web pages or articles to Cloud servers of the Pocket service for later viewing. Its operation is very simple, and with it you can send web pages, links, images, files and much more to a central list that you can revisit whenever you want.

You also have the possibility to sync with all your devices automatically. Not only that, but by saving the content that is most relevant to you, the extension offers suggestions on other similar content.

This is our selection with the better extensions to stay productive when we study online. We hope they will be of great help to you. As always, you can share your own recommendations below in the comments.

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