The best computer games available on Android

These games are designed to be played on a computer but luckily we can also enjoy them on a smartphone anywhere and anytime.

Although many of us like to play on desktop consoles like PlayStation 4 or laptops like Nintendo Switch Lite, the truth is that playing on a computer is at another level. Nobody wins a good gaming computer in power or graphics, Hence, there are not a few users who prefer this type of platform to enjoy video games..

Now, in life not everything is power and it is that despite the fact that on the computer the catalog of titles is quite extensive and with great games to enjoy, many of them we can also install on our smartphone. Obviously with worse graphic quality but equally enjoyable. The advantage of playing on a smartphone? The power to take it anywhere.

Dead by Daylight Mobile

One of the most fun multiplayer games for the computer is also for mobile phones. It is a title in which we must choose or be an assassin or a survivor. The first obviously must hunt down the second, the survivors will have to survive and use all their wits to escape.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a very demanding game in which not only are we going to die hundreds of times, but we will have to control our avatar in an almost perfect way to advance in different scenarios. Without a doubt, it has been one of the most fashionable video games since it was launched in mid-2018 and despite the time elapsed, Dead Cells is still on everyone’s lips.

Grand Theft Auto

One of the most popular video game sagas like GTA is also on Android. To vitiate this spectacular saga on our Android phone, the best and fastest way is to go to the Play Store application store and look for the different games that the company has decided to launch for our favorite operating system. For just a few euros, we will have the complete collection of these interesting titles full of action, shooting and car chases.


One of those games that has been a before and after in the history of video games. With Minecraft we can explore infinite worlds, build all kinds of things and make weapons and armor. No matter doing it alone or with friends, Minecraft is fun on a computer and it’s also fun on a mobile phone.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy is one of the longest-running and most important Japanese RPG sagas in history. While it has many games under its belt, episode IX is undoubtedly one of the most remembered. Today is 20 years since its first appearance on the original Sony PlayStation although over time platforms such as portable consoles and even computers have received their own edition with high definition graphics. And yes, it is also on Android phones.


And we ended up how could it be otherwise with Fortnite. The battle royal in fashion today is the most played title today with millions of people enjoying it simultaneously. A game that while not bad to enjoy with a good computer, a good graphic and a keyboard and mouse, is also really fun on an Android phone.

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