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The best content of the week in MC (CCXV)

The best content of the week in MC (CCXV)

We close Sunday with the compilation of best content that we have published in MC throughout the week and that you can review at a glance in this selection with the most relevant:

  • Cleaning Windows 10 2004 is possible despite the removal of “Fresh Start”.
  • We analyze the Corsair One a100, power without measure.
  • How to push your CPU and GPU to the limit, and why you should.
  • Three great advantages of NVMe SSD compared to SATA models.
  • Essential tips to achieve the perfect video conference.
  • PC Death Stranding performance: NVIDIA and the magic of DLSS 2.0.
  • Ten measures to combat Ransomware, the great threat in cybersecurity.
  • Weekly series with Novelties VOD 29/20: ‘Damn’, fantasy of papier mache ‘made in’ Netflix
  • How to improve the security of your Wi-Fi: recommendations for inexperienced users
  • Ubisoft Forward: Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and more.
  • Microsoft Launcher 6.0: polishing «the Microsoft experience on Android».
  • UK says no to Huawei, all its 5G equipment should be phased out by 2027.
  • All about Twitter hacking.
  • And more about cybersecurity: Pegasus: what is it and why is everyone talking about it?
  • Intel to Share “Something Big” on September 2 Tiger Lake, Rocket Lake-S, Lakefield, Dedicated Graphics?
  • Lenovo Legion: The family grows with AMD Ryzen.
  • In our engine section this week we review the Renault Clio 2020.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9, Redmi 9A and Redmi 9C: specifications and prices.
  • And from the same event: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 leaves China and reaches the rest of the world.
  • Motorola Moto E7: real images, specifications and price.
  • Google presents the new Gmail: everything for productivity.
  • Apple is spared paying € 13 billion in taxes.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator arrives on August 18, we see the price of the different editions.
  • NanoPi NEO3, a complete computer in a 4.8 cm chassis.
  • Torchlight II, don’t miss the new free game from Epic Games.
  • Russian hackers allegedly try to steal COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Xbox One and Xbox One X are starting to say goodbye: Microsoft has stopped restocking.
  • Google Play Pass comes to Spain: subscription of apps and games for Android.
  • Windows 10 and the jump to ARM: the former head of the Mac division believes that the x86 architecture will be obsolete.
  • The Mozilla VPN starts its journey promising to protect your privacy.
  • Our readers say: what has been the game that has worked the worst for you, but the one you have played the most?
  • OPPO and Vivo lead the race for fast mobile charging How far can you go?
  • Paper and pencil: technology at the service of health.
  • They rebuild the first machine against Enigma encryption that put the world on the ropes.
  • New delivery of Red Friday offers with the best discounts of the week.
  • We end up in space: James Webb already has a release date.

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