The best dating apps to flirt and find a partner

If you are looking for a partner or want to meet people with the same tastes or concerns, we leave you four applications that will undoubtedly help you

Flirt and meet your better half today it couldn’t be easier thanks to technology and specifically to mobile phones.

Using any of these apps that we show you below, find that girl or girl you have been waiting for years, it will be a matter of just a few minutes.


Tinder is without a doubt the most popular dating app

Tinder is one of the apps that generates the most money in the Google application store. The app is quite simple. You just have to create a profile, put good photos and look for people who are close to you … Tinder only puts us in contact, conquer the person is up to us.


Badoo is one of the veteran apps when it comes to flirting, finding a partner or just making new friends. According to its creators, Badoo is the world’s largest network to meet people and is that has more than 460 million users.



If you are looking for homosexual or bisexual people, this app is your best option

Grindr is a much more specific app than the previous ones since is aimed at the homosexual and bisexual public. It allows us to search for people according to our tastes and has a lot of functionalities and features to make dating simple, fast and intuitive.


AdoptUnDude puts women in charge. They are the ones who choose which guys to talk toIn this way, the girls are not invaded by messages and the men only talk to those who are interested. In 2017 AdoptaUnTío was the most downloaded application by French women and, in that same year, more than 200,000 couples were formed in that same country.

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