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Many of the best Filmin series are perfect for those looking for something short What to see on a weekend because some of them can be seen in four or five hours with a closed end. Lots of hit miniseries like The Master Butcher or Flesh and Blood that work like long movies that you can enjoy during a marathon afternoon. In addition, the platform stands out for careful and high-quality content in every way.

In addition to telling you what some of the best series on this platform, we add the note and score given by users for the different titles and so you can get an idea of ​​what you like best and what is the most valued on the platform.


The Collapse has become, since its launch on Filmin, one of the 2020 series. Eight episodes have made this the fashion series and it plans a question as clear as its intentions: what would happen if the system disappeared? If everything you know, the system around you, collapses. From this idea, the French production has become the center of social network conversation, debate, and questions. A dystopia in which there is no science fiction no unthinkable progress. The world is as we know it in this series directed by Les Parasites and one of those totally essential titles on Filmin. The world usually disappears in movies and series but it does because of a deadly virus, a bomb, a pandemic. Never seen like this, from this point of view.

To understand all of the above, you will first have to understand what it is about: There are eight episodes of about 22 minutes. Eight episodes shot in sequence and self-contained. They are all looking for a story, a different vision of the end that seems near and totally possible: a supermarket where there is a lack of supply, a nuclear power plant, a nursing home, a gas station … All of them distressing and achieving their end: bringing us a feeling of the end of the familiar and natural world, close by, without technology in the style of Black Mirror or Years and Years.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2020

Chapters: One season, eight episodes

Duration: Around 22 minutes per episode

Thematic: Drama and action

Age: For ages 13 and up

Note on Filmin: 8.5

See The Collapse in Filmin

Flesh and Blood

The Diary of Anna Frank begins with one of the best phrases in literature: All happy families are similar to each other, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. A quote that could well apply to Flesh and Blood, a mystery thriller, a family drama

The British Flesh and Blood is another of the best Filmin series. Suitable for those looking for something short and concise with only four episodes and with a total duration of 180 minutes making it perfect for an afternoon. It is the story of a family, its secrets, its ins and outs. Specifically that of Vivien’s family, close to 70, and their three children. And the couples and families of their children. A thriller of secrets and family intrigues that begins with an accident during Vivien’s birthday party in which we know there is a victim but we do not know who it is. Neither how it happened nor why it happened.

During the four episodes we will go getting to know all his characters better and betters as the police interrogate them. We will get to know his present and his past, the conflict, the envy and the resentment between brothers in this family drama that will hook us.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2020

Chapters: One season, four episodes

Duration: About 60 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Family drama / Thriller

Age: For people over 16 years old

Note on Filmin: 7.6

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Flesh and Blood

The Master Butcher

If you like vintage stories, El maestro canircero takes us to a German history after World War I. Like the previous one, one of the best Filmin series if you are looking for something short and concise, with only four episodes in total and perfect for a single afternoon. Based on the novel The Master Buthers Singin Club by Louis Erdrich, The Master Butcher is one of the best rated on the platform.

A butcher and a circus acrobat, Germans from the time of World War I, decide Live in united states to escape and find a better future, a more promising future than the one that seems to await them in Europe. There they will meet a community of exiles that will make them home, family, thousands of kilometers from home. A story that talks about immigration, adaptation, hope.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2019

Chapters: One season, four episodes

Duration: About 45 minutes per episode

Thematic: Historical drama

Age: For ages 12 and up

Note on Filmin: 7.7

See The Master Butcher on Filmin

When the dust settles

There are many Danish series They have become some of the best in recent years and When the Dust Settles is one of them. A terrorist attack in Copenhagen It is the axis that will unite the eight characters, totally different not only in origin but in customs or social class. The victims united by a rare link: an attack that will change everything. When the dust settles it does not seek to be a thriller in which terrorism or attack is the main plot but here what matters are the victims. It doesn’t matter who the three people are who walk into a restaurant at night and shoot customers. Their victims matter.

One of the best Filmin series with ten episodes that are divided into two parts: before the incident and after. And, in the middle of the epsiodios, the attack. We know that it will happen at some point, but when the dust settles it does not intend to keep the mystery about that night in the restaurant, but rather seeks to delve into the lives of its protagonists, in their daily lives before. And in his life afterwards, with the consequences of a terrorist act not only on a day-to-day basis, but also on the personality or on the way of behaving from that moment. A coral cast perfectly armed to make a portrait of society, victims, terrorism. One of the great jewels of Fimin, without a doubt.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2020

Chapters: One season, ten episodes in total

Duration: About 60 minutes per episode

Thematic: Drama / Terrorism

Age: For people over 16 years old

Note on Filmin: 8.6

See When the dust settles in Filmin

When the dust settles - Best series on Filmin

The nest

Moral issues they are the center of El nido, one of the best Filmin series. In contract, a five-episode miniseries that you can watch in five hours in total. A BBC drama about bellies for rent and on surrogacy that always manages to generate a debate. The nest not only shows the “need” of a couple to have children and the motivations to buy it when they cannot have it, but it also talks about the laws, about the situation of many young people and the desperation to do whatever it takes to get some money. and be able to live. Of morality, selfishness, differences.

El Nido introduces us to a couple who have spent years trying to be parents, Dan and Emily. Since they do not get what they want and thanks to a chance meeting they meet an 18-year-old girl with a very precarious life, Kaya. Kaya agrees to be a surrogate so that Dan and Emily can have their son and she leave her precarious life. A drama that maintains our interest until the end and that revolves around a current issue, of controversy. Five hours full of questions and reflections with which it will be worth spending a weekend.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2020

Chapters: One season, five episodes

Duration: About 60 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Drama / Surrogacy

Age: For people over 16 years old

Note on Filmin: 7.4

See El Nido on Filmin

The Virgin Queen

The Virgin Queen is one of those essentials in the Filmin catalog you like the series of monarchies, queens and princesses. Although there is a lot and not everything is good in the subject, yes it is this production launched by the BBC in 2019 that has as protagonist to Queen Elizabeth I of England. You can see it in full on Filmin or Amazon Prime Video and it is a miniseries of only four episodes so it will hardly take four or five hours to finish it in full.

The production follows the life of a queen, daughter of Enrique VIII and Ana Bolena, who died without descendants and who played a fundamental role in defeating the Invincible Army, but there is also a relationship with her sister and the fear that she would be murdered in any time, or the queen’s love story with Robert Dudley. All this condensed in a series where there is no lack drama, politics and the BBC seal which makes it almost always a good idea to bet on a historical series if it is the British chain that signs it.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2006

Chapters: One season, four episodes

Duration: About 237 minutes in total, in all chapters

Thematic: Monarchy / Epoch / Biopic

Recommended age: For over 122 years

Note on Filmin: 7.1

See The Virgin Queen in Filmin

The Virgin Queen - Best Series on Filmin

The Virtues

With Stephen Graham in the lead role, this series of the creators of this is england It is about Joseph, a man who has problems with alcohol and society and who carries wounds from a traumatic past who tries to forget with drugs and binge drinking. When he sees himself alone, abandoned by his family, he decides to return to his native Belfast and there face his past. He meets characters from his childhood and faces the trauma that has weighed him down for decades. A short series of one season and four episodes that critics have elevated to the altars and whose ending is classified as one of the great wonders of recent television.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2019

Chapters: One season, four episodes

Duration: About 52 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Drama

Age: For people over 16 years old

Note on Filmin: 8.7

See The Virtues on Filmin

Virtues - Best series on Filmin

Mashed potatoes

Marnie is a girl with a mental disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder related to sex that makes you have invasive thoughts about sex, in any circumstance and environment, however inappropriate the time may be. These pornographic thoughts will haunt your life and prevent you from developing a normal routine. So he made the decision to leave his town for London, to find a solution to the problem. It is an autobiographical series that narrates the problem of one of the two creators and who wants to shed light on a disorder suffered by more people than we think and who are now represented thanks to this British series that only has one season and that you can see at a stretch in Filmin.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2019

Chapters: One season, 12 episodes in total

Duration: About 35 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Comedy / Drama / Sex

Age: For people over 16 years old

Note on Filmin: 7.9

See Pure on Filmin

Pure - Best series on Filmin

Red Bracelets

Red Bracelets issued in Spain on Antena 3 in 2011 And now you can see it again as one of the best series on Filmin and most valued. Created by Albert Espinosa and directed by Pau Freixas, the Catalan series became a complete success not only nationally but internationally. Beyond having been a complete success on television in Mexico or Argentina, Spielberg bought the copyright of the series to make a US version. Red bracelets and has been imitated by other countries to launch their own version of these young people who star in a story of childhood and adolescence, of overcoming, of fears and hospitals, of adventures and farewells.

The story is that of a group of children and adolescents who coincide in the Pediatrics section of the hospital. All of them with more or less serious diseases: cancer of the tibia, anorexia, heart disease or problems derived from an accident. All of them will meet in the corridors of the hospital facing each other between unpleasant walls for children between 10 and 15 years old. I know they will face their disease, to the medication, to the personal circumstances of each one living a friendship story different from those of the series or films of institutes. A friendship that will make them create Red Bracelets, a “gang” that owes its name to the bracelet of the color they wear when they arrive at the hospital. Adolescence, love and fear in an essential series that premiered almost ten years ago but is still an excellent option for everyone.

With airs to Red Bracelets, although without getting it, you can also see the Mothers series on Amazon. Amor y Vida released in June 2020 and addresses the relationships of a gang of teenagers in a hospital but focusing this time on mothers, on the need to reconcile or give up their lives.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2011

Chapters: Two seasons, 28 episodes

Duration: About 45 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Hospitals / Drama

Age: For ages above 7

Note on Filmin: 8.7

See Red Bracelets on Filmin

Red bracelets on Filmin


This cult series will delight those who love conspiracies, to the dystopian and apocalyptic series and comic lovers. It is a series with two seasons that was made with a huge legion of followers a few years ago. A group of users of a forum dedicated to comics manage to get hold of a manuscript of a work entitled The Utopia Experiments, in which the author narrates and predicts various world tragedies. They meet and get to know each other, but soon they start to be persecuted by an organization, The Network, that wants to get hold of the manuscript. Conspiracies, debates like privacy and a lot of violence are mixed in this series that swept the fans a few years ago and that you can see or see again on Filmin.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2014

Chapters: Two seasons, 12 episodes

Duration: About 50 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Thriller

Age: For over 18 years

Note on Filmin:

See Utopia on Filmin

Wolf hall

One of the best British creations of recent times, recognized at the Golden Globes, is this period series on the reign of Henry VIII, seen from the perspective of Thomas Cromwell, Prime Minister. The queen’s right hand will have to unravel a drama and controversy that threaten to plunge the UK into chaos. Palace, political and personal intrigues shape this series with a luxurious cast, with Damien Lewis, Mark Rylance, Claire Foy and Tom Holland. Winner of several awards, Wolf Hall only has six episodes and you will be able to watch this miniseries in one go and get hooked on her costumes, her vintage setting and her magnificent performances.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2015

Chapters: One season, six episodes

Duration: About 65 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Drama / Biography

Age: For ages 12 and up

Note on Filmin: 8.3

See Wolf Hall on Filmin

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Remastered, comes to Filmin the magnum opus of R. W. Fissbender. A period series set in the 1920s, a bleak portrait of that decade in Germany and Europe, with a society that looked out into the abyss. This is an adaptation of the 14-episode novel of the same name by Alfred Döblin, which you can fully enjoy on Filmin.

The protagonist is Franz Biberkopf, a former convict who tries to earn a living in the underground life of the Berlin underworld. An odyssey in which the first blows of Nazism are felt and in which the protagonist seeks a new life and to recover values ​​that society no longer has. A masterpiece that inspired an entire later generation of directors.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 1980

Chapters: one season, 14 episodes

Duration: About an hour per chapter

Thematic: Drama / Classic adapted

Age: For ages 13 and up

Note on Filmin: 7.8

See Berlin Alexanderplatz on Filmin



Merlí has ​​become one of the most viewed series in recent years thanks to a different point of view of the institute, of the adolescent dramas. Despite being a series starring 15 and 16 year olds, it is not an exclusive story for this to be its audience. It’s for everyone. Is about a TV3 production but it has become a national and international success thanks to being part of the Netflix catalog. You can also watch it on Filmin if you are curious to know why everyone speaks well of these characters that have reminded us so much of Robin Williams’ Club of the Dead Poets.

The episodes are not only a drama about what happens to the students, but they are all a lesson, the lesson Bergeron gave to teenagers in class and that goes beyond the screen. Thus an ideal balance is achieved between the didactic and the drama, between adolescence and philosophy.

It is the story of Merlí Bergeron, a somewhat particular philosophy professor who does not follow the usual ways to teach his high school students. It has its own methods and they are controversial. But the students adore him. In addition, Bergeron is divorced, lives with his mother and will have to take care of his son Bruno who is not only a teenager who must take care of at home but also has the addition that he is one of his new students. Merlí is a series of institute where all kinds of topics are covered: alcohol consumption, love, sex, homophobia.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 2017

Chapters: Three seasons, 40 episodes

Duration: About 50 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Drama / Institute and adolescence

Age: For ages 12 and up

Note on Filmin: 8.6

See Merlí on Filmin


For children

Let’s be honest: Filmin is not the best platform you can afford if you want content for children. Netflix offers you many more cartoons and movies of all kinds and also, of course, Disney Plus is full of content for the little ones. But that does not mean that among the best Filmin series we find great classics for the whole family. If you are thinking of subscribing or if you already have a subscription, these children’s series are a plus.

D’Artacan and the three Mosqueperros

If you are over 25 years old, it will be difficult for you not to memorize “They were one, two and three …” so D’Artacan and the three Mosquperros is one of the best Filmin children’s series to return to your childhood. The nostalgic ones will be able to see with their children or nephews this story that in Spain began to be broadcast in 1982 and that we have all seen at some time. Based on Alejandro Dumas’s novel but in a doggy version, D’Artacan is a dog that will go to Paris to become a musketeer. There he will meet Amis, Dogos and pontos (Aramis, Athos and Portos) and he will live all kinds of adventures fighting against the villains that appear in each episode. Especially against Cardinal Richelieu.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 1982

Chapters: About 26 episodes in total

Duration: About 25 minutes per episode

Thematic: Infatil

Age: For all audiences

Note on Filmin: 9.1

See D’Artacan and the three Mosqueperros on Filmin

Dartacan and the three musketeers

Don Quijote of La Mancha

In the late seventiesa Don Quixote de la Mancha, a cartoon series that sought to tell the book by Cervantes adapted to the little ones, premiered on TVE in Spain. In 39 episodes the children got to know the different adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Even today, forty years later, it is one of the best series that we can see with the little ones if we want something didactic and classic. Also, one of the best rated on Filmin.

That of Don Quixote de la Mancha was one of the most “ambitious” series”Of the Spanish cartoons and it cost eleven million euros at present so that the famous classic by Miguel de Cervantes was accessible or understood at any age. With voices of Fernando Fernán Gómez or Antonio Ferrandis is one of those essentials for the whole family if you have or are going to have a subscription to this streaming platform.

Platform: Filmin

Year: 1979

Chapters: One season, 39 episodes

Duration: About 25 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Classic / Book-based

Age: For all audiences

Note on Filmin: 9

See Don Quixote de la Mancha on Filmin

Quixote of La Mancha

Once upon a time…

Another one of the great classics of animation Once upon a time … the human body. Cartoons that we met in the late 80’s and that even today are an excellent option to explain to children how our body works in a fun and easy to remember way. The French series is one of the best rated on Filmin and we will know all kinds of aspects son the functioning of the body: what are antibodies, why do we have to brush our hands or teeth or why should we play sports? Despite being almost forty years old, this series does not go out of style and is one of the best you can see on the platform.

Although “Once upon a time … the human body” is possibly the best known, it is not the only one, nor the first one that was released. With the same protagonists we can also learn about the history of man, space or explorers with other series available on Filmin. In Once Upon a Time … man we will know the history of humanity from the moment the earth is born, advancing chronologically as we watch episodes. A review of history perfect for the smallest of the house but also recommended to refresh the memory of many adults. Short, entertaining chapters that we all remember from when we were little.

You can also see Once upon a time … the explorers to meet the famous explorers of history or “Once upon a time … the space” with the same characters but touring the universe in a didactic science adventure.

Platform: Filmin

Year: From 1978

Chapters: 26 episodes for each series

Duration: About 25 minutes per chapter

Thematic: History / Children / Teaching

Age: for all audiences

Note on Filmin: 8.9

See Once upon a time … the human body in Filmin

Once upon a time … the space in Filmin

See Once upon a time … the man on Filmin

Once upon a time … the explorers in Filmin

Once Upon a Time - Mythical Series

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