The best free apps to find a flat, buy or rent

Searching for an apartment to buy or rent can be an exhausting task. Luckily there are Android apps that help us with this task, because finding the perfect floor is not trivial.

Finding a flat can be really difficult. Not only because today the situation is not the most suitable to get into such an operation, but also for the impressive number of offers that exist in said market.

Luckily we live in the 21st century and technology has become an essential ally. Just by having a smartphone and some of these apps that we show you below, we will not say that finding an apartment to buy or rent is something really simple, but if that much more bearable.



Finding the perfect apartment is not easy, so use these apps to help you

Fotocasa is one of the most popular portals in Spain. In addition to showing us hundreds of apartments for sale or rentOne of its main advantages is that it also shows the type of services around the property such as schools, hospitals or pharmacies. Of course we can not forget the advice that Fotocasa includes regarding mortgages and insurance. is a portal that, as it could not be otherwise, helps us to search for apartments for sale and / or rent. Its main advantage is its simplicity of use and its magnificent interface, in addition to allowing us to set a maximum budget.


Perhaps the most important real estate portal in our country. Idealista puffs up his chest saying he handles over a million and a half deals and honestly, it will be true. The portal with the most housing offer and one of the most complete thanks to its spectacular map and efficient search engine.


The difference of Habitaclia with respect to other housing portals is that it specializes in flats of cities on the Mediterranean coast. In addition to being able to rent homes, also offers premises, offices, garages and lots. It also has the “Alquilovers” option, for young people who are urgently looking for rentals.

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