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The best free bass VST instrument plugins

The best free bass VST instrument plugins

Our collection of the best free bass plugins

We’re generally pretty addicted to VST software, but when it comes to bass plugins, it can get pretty expensive if you want to invest in one that actually sounds decent enough to add to our songs. We continued to research hundreds of free VST plugins. So today we’re going to continue our saga when it comes to the low-end bass sound that we all need in our toolbox. Below is our own collection of the best Free Bass VST on the market.

The best Free Bass VST plugins

  1. Abundant bass P Lite II
  2. 4front bass
  3. TAL-BassLine
  4. u-he TyrellN6
  5. Steinberg model E.
  6. TAL noisemaker
  7. Daichi Synth1

Abundant bass P Lite II

Number one is the best bass VST plugin

Ample Bass P Lite II (ABPL) is generally a fairly reputable VST, let alone an unpaid plugin. Search Reddit or DAW forums and this is pretty much always the top comment! It is available for Mac and PC VST, RTAS, AAX and standalone. The Bass VST offers 443 samples with sustain, hammer on and pull off as well as accent articulations. You can use a maximum of two sampling cycles if you integrate Ample Bass P Lite II into one track. The manual vibrator wheel was developed for string instruments and enables a high-quality, true-to-life sound. We can also use the auto-buzz switch depending on the frequency and select a frequency setting for the automatic articulation sounds. Choose between a start time with a delay of 50 ms or a delay of 0 ms for real-time playback.

The user interface is fairly easy to understand. When you move the mouse pointer over the various functions, the user gets a quick explanation of how the control works. By incorporating multiple effects, Ample Bass P Lite II developers offer the operator a variety of extras to add to a track, making it even more unique. Users rated it high in terms of usability, presets, sound quality, and features. The versatility and above all real bass sound has made it popular and is arguably one of the best free bass plug-in options for those who want to add a little more low end to their grooves. Run it through a couple of FX plugins like Guitar Rig or Compress and EQ it a little and you have a beauty here.

4front bass

The second best free plugin for bass instruments

4Front Bass is a small program with a single sound and does not offer many adjustable settings, but gives the user access to a fairly rich sound from a bass guitar. The plugin is suitable both as an AudioUnit and as a VSTi for Windows, RTAS and VSTi for Mac. It doesn’t use too much memory and uses little CPU. For a person looking for a plug-and-play bass guitar module, 4Front Bass is one of the best free bass VST software products on the market, as recommended by many. A MIDI keyboard is also not required to use 4Front Bass, although this is recommended for optimal use of the functions (just draw it!).

Although 4Front Bass is not as user-friendly as other VST bass plug-ins because it has to be integrated into the hosting software, it still offers a powerful sound enhancement for every music mix. While professional users can understand the basics without much instruction, newer users may need a little more time to experiment with 4Front Bass and see how much depth a track can offer. It’s worth the time though, as it is usually listed with Ample Bass as a great free bass plugin that you just have on hand.


TAL's amazing Bass Synth plugin is free

Let’s talk about a synth bass. TAL-BassLine is available as a Windows or operating system download and offers the user a virtual analog bass synthesizer with low-pass filter that introduces the warm, classic vintage analog sound that your track may be missing with a high degree of accuracy. This from TAL (if you haven’t checked the other free plugins yet, it’s worth downloading them all, trust me) is packed with features, making it one of the best free basic VSTs available to users. Below this is the modulator source, which allows the low-frequency oscillator (LFO) to be adjusted to the clock rate in addition to the waveform. The VC makes it easy to adjust modulation and range, while the source mixer allows white noise to be included.

With the VCF, the user can set and control the frequency and resolution and can be controlled via the modulator, the envelope or the keyboard. The VCA is controlled from the envelope or gate, depending on the user’s preference. The envelope offers the standard functions for attack, decay, sustain and release, which every good VST contains. In the master box you can adjust the volume and portamento. Pitch and speed settings allow additional track manipulation. In the arpeggiator and sequencer you can adjust the length and speed of notes, reset them, record your sequence, load a sequence or switch to edit mode. Far too many adjustments here, let alone free? We love it.

u-he TyrellN6

A great bass, but overall VST synthesizer for free

This cannot be considered “just bass”, but we can’t help but recommend it as much as possible. It was also in our article on free synth plugins. It can be downloaded for Mac OS, Windows or Linux, but does not work as a standalone product. The Linux version is still considered a beta version, and there is not the same support that a Windows and download operating system offers. u-he TyrellN6 also works as a VST and AU plug-in. One of the best features of the product is the extensive library of presets that offer a variety of sounds that meet the needs of every user. Here are some fat bass synthesizers.

The user interface is also user-friendly and offers precise adjustments, regardless of whether you are using a mouse or a MIDI controller. This enables a high degree of fine-tuning. Two oscillators offer shape and tuning settings. With u-he TyrellN6, the user can create two envelopes, each with their own settings for attack, decay, sustain and release. The mixer offers the possibility of mixing the products of the two oscillators and making adjustments, noise and feedback. Each oscillator has its own low frequency modulator. By far the best plugin for free bass instruments if you need synth low-end for your music.

Steinberg model E.

A great synth bass option at no cost

Steinberg Model E can be considered a VST license because it was one of the first commercially available VST plug-ins made available to users around the world. Today it is still a user favorite and is considered one of the best free bass VST as it is available for free. Model E works with both Windows and the operating system, but is an unsupported version, so users can troubleshoot themselves if they have difficulty installing or using it. With Model E, the musician can relive the sounds of the 70s and 80s, but that doesn’t mean that this VST cannot adapt to modern sounds.

The program offers 64 preset sounds and allows the user to create and add another 64. It can work with 16 channels simultaneously and offers up to four stereo outputs. Model E has three oscillators, each with its own range selector and a choice between six different waveforms. The second and third oscillators also have detuning settings. The volume of each oscillator is managed separately, and the user can also add additional noise to the mix. Finally, the filter offers settings for cut-off, highlighting, attack, decay and sustain. Another amazing free bass plugin here.

TAL noisemaker

The extremely versatile free plugin from TAL

The TAL Noisemaker offers numerous improvements compared to its predecessor TAL-Elec7tro. With a new synth engine and intensive efforts to make it more user-friendly, developers have surely provided users with one of the best free bass VST products on the market, although it’s essentially a standalone synth. Described as a simple synth plug-in that is uncomplicated and ideal for beginners, users should not assume that the TAL Noisemaker has only a few functions. The TAL Noisemaker has two oscillators with low-frequency vibration. The master controls allow the user to mix and modulate the oscillators together.

The second synth panel offers another low frequency oscillator with basic settings for filter, cutoff and resolution. The envelope editor has a graphical display that offers a high degree of control and the possibility of generating interesting sounds. The control panel has settings for pitch, speed and a master section that offers detuning settings, vintage noise control and a filter drive. The TAL Noisemaker contains an impressive number of presets, each of exceptional quality. The user-friendly interface gives the user the freedom to explore the individual functions of this VST and their integration to create a package that few others offer.

Daichi Synth1

Our last choice as the best free bass plugin, which is also a great synth

Last but not least, we still have one of our most popular versatile synth plugins, which we believe will work well with your setup if you need a synth bass. Or frankly, to be able to produce any sound you want. It is suitable for use with Windows and operating system and can be easily downloaded. Users should note that the website is in Japanese, but is easy to navigate with Google Translate. For reasons of compatibility, the VST also adapts to the language of your device. Before you can use Synth1, the user must import the Zipbank for the hundreds of presets it offers. This is one of the biggest features of this VST.

Synth1 has two oscillators, each with four waveforms. With the amplifier, the user can set Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Gain and Velocity. Filters include settings for attack, decay, sustain, and release, as well as frequency and saturation. The low frequency oscillator enables the tempo and key of the selected piece of music to be manipulated. Use the arpeggiator settings for type and range as well as adjustable beat and gate options. Overall, Synth1 is packed with settings and options that will satisfy even the most demanding music producers and mixers. If you’re looking for one of the best free bass plug-in options, Daichi Laboratory’s Synth1 should definitely be on your shortlist.

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