The best Free Drum VST plugins

Here is a free collection of our favorite drum VST

Some of the more available paid VST drums can cost an arm and a leg. That is why we thoroughly searched for the best free drum plugins for you below and were not too disappointed with some of these plugins that we went through. If you like us at all, you’ve probably spent a lot more money than you’d generally like to count on VST plugins, but we’re digressing. Are there too many noises at our fingertips? Not in our opinion, since we basically always download free VST, we can if you ever come across our eyes. Let’s look at what we found below.

  1. Spitfire LABS drum kit
  2. Waldorf attack
  3. Tactile sounds TS-808
  4. Audiosonic Digidrum Pro
  5. Teragon KickMaker
  6. Electro studio rhythm
  7. T-Rex 606
  8. Grooove BPB
  9. Sean Pandy Drums
  10. Studiolinked drum PRO

The best Free Drum VST plugins

Spitfire LABS drum kit

Our choice as the best free drum plugin on the market

Spitfire Audio LABS itself is a huge plugin database that offers various sets of software instruments as free plugins. We downloaded every one they offer (guitars, pianos, strings and more). In our case today, the drum kit was released in 2012, but it remains a favorite among many users who rate it as the best free drum VST software due to its ease of use and great sounding kits overall. With the percussive styling by Oliver Waton and the technique by Stanley Gabriel, the sound production here is pretty flawless, giving it a “real feel” unlike some other digital sounding drum sounds out there.

The user interface is clear and uncomplicated and has three FX settings. The first is the reverb dial, followed by a volume control and a second slider that allow the user to adjust the elimination of speed levels. As a free dedicated plug-in, Spitfire LABS Drumkit can be downloaded on Mac OS and Windows. It is available as a direct plug-in for the user’s preferred DAW and requires no contact. One of the best features of Spitfire Audio LABS drum kit is integration with other VST plug-ins. To be honest, however, we recommend literally downloading every one of their free plugins – they have tons and are among our favorite free VST plugins. They are all free – why not?

Waldorf attack

Attack is very popular in the area of ​​free drum plugins

Waldorf is known for its high quality products when it comes to percussion synthesizers. Among them is one of the best free drum VST plug-ins that a musician wouldn’t add if they were added – the Waldorf Attack Percussion Synth. It is described as producing old school percussive sounds reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. This free VST plug-in is nothing old-fashioned. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to percussion instruments, including conga drums, cymbals, maracas, tambourines, snare drums and even cowbells.

On the drums, it offers a selection of kits and sounds. However, this VST also has an amplifier that can be used to adjust volume, speed, pan and mix. You can easily switch between two envelopes as you create your drum recording, changing the attack, decay, shape, and release of each one. In addition, two oscillators, a mixer, a filter and a delay panel are included, in which the user can freely adjust the settings to produce the desired sound. The classic, warm analog sound combined with elements of modern digitization makes Waldorf Attack a useful and practical percussion synthesizer. Definitely one of our most popular free drums VST.

Tactile sounds TS-808

A digital TS drum machine for free

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, developed between 1980 and 1983, came onto the market when electronic music became mainstream. Tactile Sounds The TS-808 allows users to recreate these vintage rhythms. It is one of the best free drum VST software programs on the market if you are looking for old school. The TS-808 is more than just a Roland TR-808 clone because it provides the user with more parameters and range, and allows further customization of the drum sounds.

The percussion instruments of these free VST drums include bass and snare drums, clapping, cowbells, maracas and cymbals. The user can also select low, medium or high tom or conga drums for his recording. Each instrument in the program contains velocity, level and pan as customizable functions. Depending on the selected instrument, there are also settings for tone, melody, decay, reverb, attack, clang and snap. The Tactile Sounds TS-808 can be downloaded free of charge, but is unfortunately only available for the PC.

Audiosonic Digidrum Pro

This is a free favorite drum kit VST among many

AudioSonic DigiDrum Pro is one of the best free drum plugins due to its five separate DigiDrum parts, which can be adapted and edited according to the music requirements. The VST has 27 percussive waveforms, including drums, and its five-part feature allows you to overlay up to five percussive tracks to create more complex pieces of music. Each part has the same settings. It allows the selection of the waveform as well as gain, pan, decay, tune and distortion. The filter enables depth, cut and resolution to be set.

The final setting is the speed sensitivity with which the user can manipulate the gain, filter and pitch. In our opinion, these functions make AudioSonic DigiDrum Pro ideal for generating versatile timbres and sounds. The user can import waveforms as samples for use in the program. This makes it the perfect option as the best free drum software for sound mixers who want to experiment with different forms of percussion.

Teragon KickMaker

Let's talk about the low-end kicks and how you can make your own

TeragonAudio KickMaker is a free VST plug-in for drums for those who want to customize one of the most important parts of the drum as a whole – their kick drum. This kick drum synthesizer gives the user access to four oscillators, which can be set according to frequency, attack, decay, sustain and release. Each oscillator has a separate ASDR curve. All four oscillators and the ASDR have independent volume settings to bring some sounds to the foreground, as the user prefers.

Six effect controls enable phase control, frequency expansion, frequency rate control, compressor control (ratio, attack and threshold), changing the wave types as well as resonance and switch-off control. The less experienced user can first choose between deep, distorted, generic, high, medium and “strange” kick drum sounds. Each offers additional options to ensure that TeragonAudio KickMaker is easily one of the most versatile drum synthesizers available as a free download.

Electro studio rhythm

Another of our favorite VST drums for free

If you’re interested in an old school rhythm machine, Rhythm is the right place to go, which is considered one of the best free VST options for music mixers. Despite its seemingly simple surface, rhythm makes many synthesis processes easier. In the lower area, the user can choose between 20 different rhythms, including waltz, samba, rumba, tango, merengue, cha-cha and bossa, as well as four rock and two marching rhythms. Volume and tempo are controlled by the on-screen controls.

As soon as the user clicks on the “Open” button, he can adjust the melody, panning and volume of each rhythm component. These include bass and snare drums, bongo and conga drums, tambourines and cymbals. The additional mixing level allows the user to mix the rhythmic sections with the tambourine, guiro and quijada sounds, which gives the recording a more unique taste.

T-Rex 606

A simple but effective free VST with drums

The T-Rex 606 from Max Project, a drum synthesizer, imitates the sounds of the world-famous Roland TR-606 drum machine with good sound quality and is on the list here. The T-Rex 606 is characterized by its simplicity, which is described as the product type “What you see is what you get”. It offers seven samples for the user to play around with: kick drum, snare drum, low tom, high tom, closed hat, open hat and cymbal.

The user can express their preference for volume and reverb by adjusting them according to the settings that are most suitable for the track. Although it seems a bit limited, it still pays to have the T-Rex 606 as a drum synth VST because it’s so easy to use and the sound is amazing. T-Rex 606 can be downloaded for Windows and Mac.

Grooove BPB

Once paid, but now free, a great plugin here

The Grooove BPB Free Drum Sampler is packed with features that can synthesize great organic sounding percussive pieces. What makes it one of the best free VST drums plug-ins is that, unlike some of its counterparts, it’s CPU-friendly. Not to mention that it was paid earlier, but they did it for free. The VST already contains 14 drum kits and 150 samples. However, it is also fully extensible so that the user can also import external samples.

Grooove BRB has six dual drum pads with adjustable volume, pan, pitch, entry time and length. Each drum pad can record up to two samples at a time. In total, each drum pad offers the user 11 sound parameters. The Grooove BPB can be downloaded for Windows and Mac and also functions as a standalone program. One of the nifty features of this plug-in is the help section. Clicking on the question mark in the top center of the screen and then moving the mouse pointer over any component of the user interface gives the user a quick description of how it works. This is ideal for beginners.

Sean Pandy Drums

A very effective drum plugin here

Sean Pandy Drums offers four toms, a kick drum, a snare drum and a sub-blower. The plug-in is available in stereo or multi-channel and offers the user some additional acoustic options. Each drum has six velocity layers and up to 10 random samples. At the end of the control panel there are two sliders: one for volume and one for reverb. Each drum can be individually adjusted for volume and pan or completely muted. Sean Pandy Drums is ideal for the exchange of drums and has been very well received by producers of heavier music genres. Sean Pandy himself is a respected metal music producer. This VST can be downloaded on Windows and Mac OS.

Studiolinked drum PRO

The last choice as the best Free Drums VST plugin

The Drum Pro VST comes from StudioLinked and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. What makes Drum Pro our last choice as one of the best free VST drum plug-ins is its versatility. It is preferred by RnB, trap and pop producers as well as those who want to experiment with different genres by bringing out high quality beats. Drum Pro comes with 20 kits that sample nine vintage drum kits, including the Roland TR 808 and TR 909.

With StudioLinked expansion packs, the user can still add Drum Pro. The global effects of the plug-in include attack, decay, sustain, release, volume and reverb settings. By using the drum presets, the manufacturer can swivel each one individually according to their needs. Drum Pro offers excellent sound quality and has kick and snare drums, settings for clapping and hats and some extras.

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