The best free guitar VST instrument plugins

A list of the best free guitar VST

There is nothing better than having a few guitar sounds on hand to add layers to our songs or even build an entire track around chord strings or leads. As seen in our guide to the best guitar VST plugins, this software can get quite expensive (especially if you’re like us and tend to buy a few on a whim without thinking about it – they add up !). Today we continue our journey through the world of free VST plugins and today we have the best free guitar VSTi for you.

We were actually quite surprised at how rare a real free guitar VST is instrument is all about the network. Aside from about 2-3 plugins, we couldn’t see many worth watching. Therefore we will list them first. However, we’ve also provided you with some of our favorite free guitar VST amplifier / FX software in case you need one too.

Also, because we’re big fans of using one of these few free guitar instruments, we recommend removing their effects or processing this raw MIDI track and playing through a more advanced guitar amp or FX rack. If you can make room with paid FX plugins, spending money on something like Guitar Rig can exponentially improve the quality of a MIDI track with some free guitar sounds.

Free guitar VST picks

  1. Abundant guitar M Lite II
  2. Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Stratus
  3. Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar
  4. Amplitube 4 Custom Shop
  5. Ignite Amite Emissary
  6. Blue Cat Free Amp

The best free guitar VST

Abundant guitar M Lite II

The best free guitar VST

Since there is really nothing comparable in terms of quality, it is easy to understand why Ample Guitar M Lite II is considered by many to be the best free guitar VST. The high ratings include criteria such as sound quality, user-friendliness, functions and default settings. Of course it was good value for money because it doesn’t cost us a penny. The musician only needs 6 GB of free hard disk space to download this handy acoustic guitar VST on Windows or Mac. You can then introduce the sound of the Martin D-41 acoustic guitar into your studio and make it part of your recordings. Thanks to the extensive M Lite II guitar, we have access to a large number of presets with drag & drop support, which makes recording easy and convenient.

The user-friendly keyboard has a blue line under the notes that the VST can play. There is a yellow line below the buttons that provides the user with additional options that can be identified by moving the mouse over them. Adjust the panorama and width to give the sound a unique quality. Do the same with the toggle, FX, resonance, and fret sound switches. It is also noteworthy that the “Strummer” tab offers, among many other functions, an option for setting the humanization, with which the guitar playing sounds less manufactured. The effects included in Ample Guitar M Lite II are compressor, overdrive, five-band equalizer, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb. This free guitar VST comes with even more features. You will soon master them thanks to their user-friendly interface.

Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Stratus Free

Another of the best free guitar VST instruments

This plugin offers the user an extensive sample library for contact, the host for hundreds of outstanding, realistic and detailed sample instruments. Because of its range, flexibility, and the high quality samples it offers, Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Stratus Free is one of the best free guitar instruments available to users. The product has an updated version of TACT (Total Articulation Control Technology), which is essential for adjusting the assignment and triggering of all articulations. With TACT you can set up your DAW according to your individual preferences and give the music a unique, characteristic sound. The product also features a console, a modular FX rack, and a mixer with a pedal board that gives you complete control over the sounds you create and 30 effects modules.

With Console, you can also conveniently save and load FX chains and presets, move them between projects, or integrate them with other Shreddage 3 products. When using Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Stratus Free, you have several options for editing and adjusting sounds, including bite, transpose, select up to four guitars at the same time, selection modes and articulations. With so many setup options, this product is popular, although it should be noted that the full version of Kontakt and not Kontakt Player is required.

Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar

We always have a Spitfire audio plugin in our free VST manuals

Is there a free VST instrument guide without Spitfire Audio LABS? Award-winning composer Christian Henson is co-founder of Spitfire Audio with his composer Paul Thomson. The couple have produced several instrumental plug-ins, and the Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar is just one of their myriad free high-end VST instruments, let alone one of our currently most popular free guitar VST options in general. The VST was recorded in 2006 by Henson himself using a Fender Telecaster, an instrument that the composer has used a lot during his illustrious career. It offers a high quality guitar sound that British indie music fans know and love. The recording was made with a 15W tweed amplifier, which gives the sound an authenticity that few other VSTs can offer.

Together with the vibrato and the tremolo, the Fender Telecaster piece by Christian Henson offers a unique distortion factor that adds depth to every recording. The Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar VST requires no contact and can be downloaded on Mac OS and Windows. They have their own standalone VST software that organizes all the plugins you can use in your DAW (seriously, just download them all). Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the Spitfire Audio Labs Peel Guitar user interface, as it still offers many settings. As with all Spitfire Audio Labs products, it has a dial to adjust reverberation and two sliders, one for volume and one for speed range.

Amplitube 4 Custom Shop

An amazing resource for guitar FX and instruments

Now we can start getting involved in some effects, because frankly the previous ones were the only free guitar VST that we found valuable. But let’s start with that, because AmpliTube 4 Custom Shop is a powerful and packed program that gives us some of the best guitar effects in a small, easy-to-use portal, and many are free. AmpliTube 4 Custom Shop comes with 24 pieces of equipment that the user can interact with. It can be installed as a standalone application or as a plug-in for Windows and Mac. The 24 plugins that you get from the free download include nine stompbox models, four amplifiers, five boxes, three microphones, two rack effects units and a tuner. Every sound in the AmpliTube 4 Custom Shop comes from authorized models of some of the world’s best guitars.

Use the amplifiers to adjust gain, bass, mids, treble, presence and volume. The cabinet settings control threshold, release, depth, panorama and volume. The rack effects allow manipulation of gain, frequency and equalization. The Stompbox model settings include chorus, compressor, delay, flanger, diode overdrive and graphic EQ options for experimentation. There are also options to adjust the delay time, filter, feedback, and mixing to get the sound you want. All of this is possible via the user-friendly interface of the AmpliTube 4 Custom Shop, in which even the latest music mixers can be installed in no time. Definitely worth a look.

Ignite Amite Emissary

A nice guitar VST plugin at no cost

Emissary is one of Ignite Amps’ most popular products and one of the best VST products for free guitars when it comes to versatility and sound quality, especially when the sound you want is metal. If you want to reproduce the sound of a two-channel guitar tube amplifier, Emissary is the product you were looking for. The latest version of Emissary has been described as music for the moshpit and has two major improvements. The first is that the triode modeling engine has been completely redesigned and re-encoded for better sound and better performance while reducing CPU usage.

The second is the improved amp simulation sound that the plug-in produces, making it even better than previous versions. With the clean function you can adjust the bass, mids, treble and amplification of the music. With the lead function, we can manipulate gain, bass, low-mid, high-mid and treble sounds. With Ignite Amps’ Emissary, you can also make changes to the depth and presence of the sound as desired. Emissary has a user-friendly interface and offers the user many options for sound modulation and reproduction.

Blue Cat Free Amp

Another great FX rig for guitars

The Blue Cat Free Amp offers legendary guitar amp performance. It covers a wide range of guitar amp tones, from classic clean to classic drive to modern drive. This makes it versatile and ideal for someone who wants to experiment with guitar amp sounds. To install Blue Cat Free Amp, one of the best free guitar plug-ins available, you need a computer with Windows or Mac OS. Blue Cat Free Amp does not load your system with CPU when idle. Processing will end if you do not provide sound. Regardless of which amp tone you choose, you can adjust the gain, drive, bass, mids, treble and volume according to your needs. Blue Cat Free Amp also has several preset sounds, including 80s rock and 90s solo.

With practical undo and redo buttons, the VST is easy to use when it comes to fixing bugs. The user interface consists of three windows, depending on which amp tone you want to work with. Each is easy to use and understand, and unlike many other VSTs, musicians can read their settings such as volume, gain, etc., making it easier to repeat music patterns without over-optimizing.

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