The best function of Android 11 and iOS 14 on any mobile

There are occasions when Android is copied from iOS and vice versa, but in other situations we find ourselves curious that Google and Apple end up implementing a function simultaneously on their devices.

A very interesting function is to perform actions simply by tapping on the back of the mobile, a function that was hidden in the betas of Android 11, as well as in iOS 14, both versions that will arrive in a stable version in the coming months.

Well, you can now enjoy this feature for free and on your mobile with this application. It works well? How is it possible? We explain why.

This function of Android 11 and iOS 14 works on any Android

Google and Apple have surprised us practically at the same time with a function that would come in their new annual versions of the system. This function is the possibility of performing actions by pressing on the back of the device.

This function can be achieved with this application. open source, available in APK format from XDA Developers. The function, however, beats the original Google and allows us to get even more functionality.

Once the application is installed, we need to grant it accessibility permissions, and we could already use it. The application has a series of menus, where the following three stand out:

Gesture: Here we can change the detection of the gesture. Although sensitivity is disabled, the option to Device Model allows us to choose between Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. These choices are due to the fact that the application uses the artificial intelligence models that Google has prepared for these mobiles.

This preparation is nothing more than a model that has been trained to be able to detect the touch on the rear with the information it receives from the accelerometer (after all, when you touch the rear, this sensor detects minimal movement). Try to choose the model that most resembles your mobile in size / processor, since there will be a greater probability that it will work correctly on your mobile.

Actions: Here are defined the actions that our mobile will perform when detecting the touches on the back. By default, call the Google Assistant, but you can activate the camera, take screenshots, activate the flashlight or open an application.

Gates: Sets standards under which rear touch detection will not be activated. These scenarios are when the screen is off, when there is a USB cable connected, when we are on a call or when the device is charging.

Depending on the device and model that we use, this application will work wonderfully or its performance will be more or less accurate. Still, you have to consider that to be a phased application alpha It works very well and is worth a try.

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