The best hanging phone cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Image source: Jalouza

Cell phone cord, smartphone necklace, mobile strap – different names, one purpose: to carry the smartphone casually around your neck and always have it to hand. The original from Xouxou Berlin, the practical one with a card compartment, the noble one made of leather, the minimalist one from Amazon or the exclusive one from the designer fashion label – GIGA shows you all mobile phone chains in a detailed guide.

From cheap to expensive: the best cell phone chains 2020

A large selection of cell phone chains for all common smartphone models can be found on Amazon (for example from Jalouza). Disadvantage: some small and exclusive labels are not represented there – if in doubt, you have to go to the manufacturer’s official online shop.

Basically important when buying a cell phone chain: on that matching cell phone model respect, think highly of. This is not about the cord, but about the case attached to it, into which the smartphone is inserted. With which cell phone model a cell phone chain compatible can usually be found in the product description (e.g. “for iPhone 11”).

Closed bags or are somewhat more flexible Cell phone cases with neck strap. Different models fit in here – but the display is not accessible as quickly as with a simple case. We recommend cell phone chains that match your own cell phone model.

The Price range for cell phone chains is similar to other fashion accessories: cheap cell phone chains can be found for less than 10 euros, but a model from a luxury brand can also cost well over 100 euros.

The original from Berlin: mobile phone chain from Xouxou

It all started with that: The mobile phone chains from Xouxou are “the original” that brought the look to the streets. The brand from Berlin now offers numerous model variants with cases for different smartphones. In terms of price, the Xouxou mobile phone chains are in the midfield at around 25 euros.

Minimalist mobile phone chain from Jalouza for 15 euros

The design is minimalist and reserved and can therefore be combined with almost any style minimalist model by Jalouza for the iPhone 11. The slightly shiny and dirt-repellent material of the silver-colored cord is, by the way, “polypropylene multifilament” – it is also used to make normal ropes. Like almost every cell phone chain, this model is also available in Variants for other smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy A5 or Galaxy S9.

The mobile phone chains from the Zhinkarts brand are also popular on Amazon. Our recommendation is this silver-colored and simple model:

Zhinkarts mobile phone chain compatible with Apple iPhone 11 (picture: manufacturer)

Mobile phone chain with card compartment from Jalouza for 35 euros

Jalouza mobile phone chain UrbanXBody

Jalouza mobile phone chain UrbanXBody

If you like it robust, you should take a look at the mobile phone chains from the UrbanXBody series by Jalouza from Berlin. Instead of a filigree cord, an outdoor-inspired and length-adjustable strap is used here. The look is reminiscent of the equipment of professional photographers who wear their SLR cameras on similar-looking straps around their bodies. The integrated “smartphone wallet” in the UrbanXBody is practical. It offers space for at least 2 cards (such as ID, credit card) and some cash.

Leather phone chain

Mobile phone chain with braided leather cord from Lapaporter (Image: manufacturer)

This accessory comes from a Berlin leather manufacturer called Lapaporter. The braided cord is made of high quality cow leather. You pay a little more for the exclusive handicraft, the price is 79 euros. In addition, a delivery time of a few days can be expected. The right iPhone model can be selected from Amazon under the “Size” option.

There are alternatives for the Samsung Galaxy S8, such as the Oneflow shoulder strap for around 22 euros:

Synthetic leather strap from Oneflow, suitable for Samsung Galaxy S8 (Image: Manufacturer)
Made of leather: phone chain for the iPhone, found on Etsy (Image: BNDLS)

This mobile phone chain from BNDLS in nude is also made of real leather.

Mobile phone chain made of metal: real chain links for the jewelry look

Oneflow mobile phone chain made of metal suitable for iPhone (picture: manufacturer)

This model by Oneflow is a mobile phone chain in the truest sense of the word: It consists of real metal links and not synthetic cord. The look goes well with the chic evening wear, but can also be used as a contrast to the streetwear outfit. Not that expensive at around 25 euros.

Decorative mobile phone chain for 50 euros

Tassel cell phone chain (Source: kijujiBerlin)

The more conspicuous, the more beautiful? A matter of fact. This decorative tassel mobile phone chain from kijujiBerlin is handmade and is recommended to all those who answer this question with “yes”. Great in combination with plain-colored outfits, material: cotton.

Inexpensive mobile phone chain for 5 euros (sale, August 2020)

Cell phone chain from Snipes (Source: Manufacturer)

The iPhone 8 mobile phone chain from Snipes, which is on sale for 5 euros, is particularly cheap. However, the logo of the fashion retailer is also clearly printed there.

Cell phone chains: You have to know these brands

The most important Brands for cell phone chains come from the fashion sector and are largely unknown in the tech scene. Instead of the common manufacturers of smartphone accessories, you will find names such as Lapàporter, Nuri, StudioNooks, Jalouza, IPhoria, BAM France, Liebeskind Berlin or Ancord.

Yara Jentzsch with her label Xouxou Berlin is considered to be the inventor of the mobile phone chain. As the magazine Gründerszene reports, one day the young mother got a transparent cell phone case, poked two eyelets through the case and pulled a long strap through it. The mobile phone chain was ready to hang on! Production has long been professionalized, and the successful product from the German capital is in demand all over the world.

Cell phone chains 2020: This is what the fashion expert says about practical smartphone accessories

First hipster accessory, then mainstream and meanwhile already out? The rapid rise of the mobile phone chain was ridiculed and criticized from the start. They are classified in opinion articles as “signs of cell phone addiction” (Stern, 2019) and make us “look a bit stupid” (Zeit, 2019). Of course you can see it that way – but luckily there is also a completely different perspective.

We spoke to fashion expert Susanne Faller from Desired. The fashionista has already observed the mobile phone trend as it emerged, when it started in Berlin and then appeared on Instagram among the first influencers worldwide. Your assessment:

Susanne is a fashion expert at

Cell phone chains are a trend that is here to stay. In 2020 we will again wear our smartphones “crossbody”, stylishly on a chain and of course securely packed in a case. However, new mobile phone chain trends are emerging: Now, in line with other fashion trends, radiant colors such as “Classic Blue” (the Pantone color of the year), violet and bright pink are popular, but also dark forest green and beige in all its range – from cognac to powder tones.

Jalouza link chain gold for Apple iPhone 11

Jalouza link chain gold for Apple iPhone 11

In addition to the color, the changes too Haptics of cell phone chains 2020: Instead of the classic cords, there are now link chains, as well as colorful pearl necklaces that will go perfectly with light outfits, especially in summer. And for the more sporty: wide straps that are reminiscent of gym bags. As you can see: The mobile phone chain trends are characterized by an immense variety this year, so that everyone can now find the right model for themselves at the latest.

OneFlow mobile phone strap made of nylon for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

OneFlow phone strap made of nylon for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Put on a mobile phone chain: how to wear it properly

The way of carrying is widespread “Crossbody”, i.e. diagonally across the chest like a shoulder bag. Alternatively, you can just hang it around your neck, like a neck pouch. With both variants, you should note that most cell phone chains come with a smartphone case that does not cover the display itself. When moving quickly or in a turmoil, it is better to hold the phone with your hand to avoid bumps and scratches directly on the screen.

Artwizz HangOn Case for iPhone 11 (Image: Manufacturer)

When choosing the right mobile phone chain, a fundamental question: What clothes should be worn underneath and does it match in color? Because in online shops the cords can usually be seen against a white background, but in practice they then have to match the patterned dress or sweater.

Cell phone chains for men

Are men allowed to wear cell phone chains? Yes, of course, why not! Anyone looking around Berlin and Hamburg can confirm that mobile phone chains are worn by everyone – regardless of gender, age or other aspects.

Gray mobile phone chain from Zhinkarts (source: manufacturer)

Our tip for boys: If you are still unsure, first choose a subtle model like the dark gray cell phone chain from Zhinkarts for just under 15 euros. So it’s not about the question who Can wear cell phone chains – rather because of that Which and how.

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