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The best indie games for Android, according to Google

The best indie games for Android, according to Google

These are the best Indie Games for Android that we can download from Google Play. The winners of the Google Awards that have invited thousands of developers from around the world.

As is tradition, Google rewards the best Google Play applications, as well as the best games. This time we already have the results of the Indie Games Festival, a contest in which you select the best indie games on the platform and that will surely help you discover new titles.

A few months ago we met the 60 finalists and now we already have the absolute winners divided between developers from Europe, Japan and South Korea.

This year, as we can imagine, the selection and presentation of the games before the jury has been peculiar due to the world situation we are experiencing. In any case, this “festival” allows Google to give recognition to those unknown developers or studios, without so many means or diffusion capacity, but that still have managed to launch top-quality Android games.

The best Android indie games in Europe

Without further ado, we leave you with the winners, surely many of the games will serve you as entertainers during the holidays.

The best indie games in Japan

The best indie games in South Korea

Incidentally, the developer awards are visibility packs for their apps on the Google Play Store, as well as consultancies with the Google team, hardware, promotional campaigns and more. Congratulations to all the winners.

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