The best memes and GIFs of the first heat wave of 2020 to share on WhatsApp


We are immersed in the first heat wave of this year 2020. After a few difficult months, with the COVID-19 lurking, summer has arrived. We thought we would never reach it, but it is already here. And in the last week of July, which is also the prelude to August, thermometers threaten to break records. And so it will be.

It is normal for temperatures to rise in summer, but heat waves are always a little scary. In fact, since yesterday Thursday there are thirteen autonomous communities on alert for high temperatures. And the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has registered up to 42 degrees in different parts of Spain: Cantabria, Guip├║zcoa, Vizcaya, Navarra, La Rioja, in the Ebro valley and in the Guadalquivir.

Be that as it may, the best remedy for this heat wave will be air conditioning in the first place. Second, maybe a good selection of ice cream. And thirdly, a huge collection of memes and GIFs to share with your friends and family. Especially if, like you, they are also going through this heat wave. We have prepared for you a good battery so that, even if you are very hot, at least you laugh for a while.

On Twitter, memes and jokes were swift. From the graduation of the gin associated with the figures of the thermometers, to the definition of the mental states that high temperatures bring us.

One of the main drawbacks of any self-respecting heat wave is, without a doubt, the impossibility of falling asleep at night. And is that going to bed at night today can be something very similar to this.

And they are already, like every heat wave, competing for which autonomous community will suffer the effects of the heat wave more. Valencia? Madrid? Lleida? Bilbao?

An advantage of extreme heat is energy savings. In this Andalusian inn they fry their eggs in the middle of the street. 53 degrees in the sun, which is said soon.

Heat and coronavirus? Someone told us one day that the coronavirus would end with the arrival of heat. And the truth is that, with so many outbreaks in Spain, the theory is at least doubtful. Twitter users have made their own memes to laugh at the issue. Or is it the coronavirus that is laughing at us?

Outside of Twitter, Spaniards have also gotten to work with memes. There is something for everyone.


Even the Mona Lisa is tired from so much heat. Scissors and goodbye mane.

The best memes and GIFs of the first heat wave of 2020 to share on WhatsApp 1

The fridge can be the best refuge for these days that await us.


Spain, really? Where do you live?


Going out, even if it is to look a little how you are on the street, is today an exercise in risk.

The best memes and GIFs of the first heat wave of 2020 to share on WhatsApp 2

Toledo today is another hot, hot spot. Cooling off in the river, a winter dream.


It is clear that if there is someone lucky they are all those who have installed a good air conditioner.


Without a doubt, shade is always the best place to be. Although sometimes not like that.


It is true that inhabiting a place at more than 40 degrees must be something very similar to hell. Get safe.

The best memes and GIFs of the first heat wave of 2020 to share on WhatsApp 3

The heat wave is something very typical spanish. Like the fan (don’t leave it).


Eye on the beaches. That the thing is burning.


The risk of melting. Another danger to contemplate.


The best? Take off your clothes to stay cool …


… take a good dip …

ice cream

… and enjoy a good ice cream!

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