The best MIDI keyboard controllers under $ 200

A collection of MIDI keyboards for $ 200 or less

A MIDI keyboard is essential for building a music studio these days. When it comes to landing under $ 200 or less, we have some decent options here. Not all of us want to buy a huge MIDI keyboard that costs around a grand, but a controller that gives us some basic functions in the MIDI department for our grooves. MIDI keyboards are no stranger to us. So today we wanted to focus on a certain price range to help you search through all the rubble.

The best MIDI keyboard controllers under $ 200

Novation Launchkey 37 MK3

Another popular MIDI keyboard under $ 200

This MIDI keyboard from Novation gives you a well-integrated, clean way to control your sound products during and after the creation process. Novation developers have considered user input to refine their previous offerings. This third generation MIDI keyboard controller is the product of their work. We have recommended pretty much every issue in our guides over the years. This latest version offers eight onboard scale modes that meet all musical requirements. There are also chord modes, an arpeggiator and a mutate function that converts music into exciting patterns that are guaranteed to make your piece original.

Custom modes optimize the communication between this controller and your software and make them very effective. You can also connect hardware synthesizers and other devices to your DAW and control everything with LaunchKey, even if you use it as a standalone device or on a computer. The Novation LaunchKey MK3 The 37-key keyboard controller has a well-deserved place on a list of the best MIDI keyboard controllers under $ 200 that a sound engineer desires for his DAW.

M-Audio oxygen 49

A big favorite of ours here

The 49-key keyboard controller M-Audio Oxygen 49 is described by some users as epic and is a MIDI controller with great software and no frills. It’s probably one of the best MIDI keyboards under $ 200 on the market if you don’t need too much pizza, but there are some additional important things here. With pitch and modulation wheels and 49 full-size synth action keys, playability is at the heart of what this MIDI keyboard controller has to offer. Every setting, knob, and pad is speed-dependent, so you have a great deal of control over the recording.

This offers a practical control and thanks to its LCD screen, the user can view, track and control parameters and changes made. The M-Audio oxygen Provides strong compatibility with iOS using the Apple Camera Connection Kit so that the user can interact with other virtual instrument apps. However, it works just as well with a PC. With nine assignable faders and the latest Automap technology, this easily transportable MIDI keyboard controller offers good value for money.

M-Audio Keystation 49

Our favorite MIDI keyboard for simplicity

Here is another hugely popular M-Audio MIDI keyboard. Not many additional features, but if you just need keys and a couple of wheels to get your grooves running, this is your choice. This USB controller has full-size synthesizer buttons and is compatible with Mac OS and Windows. With Apple Camera Connector, iOS users can be paired with iPads and iPhones. The keys make it comfortable for gamers who prefer the realistic feel of a traditional keyboard. The software package with eight separate options included with the purchase of this product offers exciting opportunities to create unique sounds and recordings. Efficient controls simplify use and unlock the performance of pianos, synthesizers, loops and sound machines. Included are pitch and modulation wheels, a volume control and an octave adjuster. All controls are speed dependent.

Because of its USB compatibility, it is the ideal plug-and-play keyboard controller, ideal for music makers on the go. If you’re looking for the best MIDI keyboard controller under $ 200, experienced users recommend that you look no further than M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 Keyboard control with 49 keys.

Roland A-49

Roland's simple and effective MIDI keyboard controller for under $ 200

If you want to invest in the best MIDI keyboard for under $ 200, you should definitely include the Roland A-49 49-key keyboard controller in your list. With several outstanding features, including transpose and octave buttons, expression and sustain control inputs, and pitch bend and modulation levers, it’s easy to see why this product has received positive reviews. The speed-dependent synth action keyboard is ideal for musicians on the go because it is light and easy to carry.

Performance control is simplified with the assignable buttons and switches. This keyboard controller is compatible with Mac and Windows and also works with iOS music apps on an iPad, using the optional iPad Camera Connection Kit from Apple, like many others here. One of the features that users appreciate the most is the rounded button shape that makes playing comfortable. Each key is easily distinguishable from its neighbors and enables accurate, error-free play. The Roland A-49 is simple, effective and powerful.

A25 Komplete from Kontrol Native Instruments

Native Instruments gets various turns going

The N.I. A25 Complete control The “intelligent” keyboard controller is considered the best MIDI keyboard under $ 200 among many users who can get away with so few keys. We’d say this is best for those who want to prioritize additional features and DAW integration, rather than for those who really want something to play just a few buttons. While some potential users might question the functionality because it only contains 25 keys, they shouldn’t underestimate the performance of this controller.

The fully NKS-enabled software enables complete and seamless integration. This also includes Komplete Instruments and Effects, Machine Essentials and Komplete Kontrol Software. The OLED display makes navigation a breeze, as do the eight touch-sensitive buttons and the pitch and modulator wheels. With over 100 scales, modes, chord progression and arpeggios, the selection of this product gives every musician the feeling of being immediately inspired and ready to generate unique creations. The USB compatibility of the A25 makes it ideal for transporting between performances and works equally well, whether on Mac OS or Windows.

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