The best mobile apps to always stay focused

These three smartphone apps will help you always stay focused. Don’t get lost for a single moment!

Concentrating is never easy. Whether while working, studying or doing any other task, distractions are the order of the day especially having devices such as mobile phones or computers so accessible.

Now, instead of constantly looking at social networks, these electronic devices can also help us not to lose concentration. For example, downloading these three apps on our Android smartphones, we will say goodbye to distractions and if we already complement them with these apps to study … nothing will stand in our way.



These apps will help you never lose concentration

TickTick is an application that allows us to make lists of each of our pending tasks in an easy, simple way and with a very clean interface. Each task can be divided into subtasks or projects, this way we can organize ourselves better. The difference between TickTick and other apps of the same style is its wonderful minimalist interface and its multiple functions (all without losing ease of use). It has also received several awards and accolades as the best productivity app.

Calm: Meditation and Dream

Stress is very bad and is one of the main causes of losing concentration. Calm, is one of the best apps for meditation and sleep. Guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs and even relaxing music. A perfect app to disconnect from what you are doing for a few minutes and even to use it in the background while we work. Essential.

BFT – Bear Focus Timer

The Pomodoro technique has become very popular in recent years as one of the best concentration techniques and to increase productivity. Bear Focus Timer or BFT, is a very fun app because although it is still a tool with which to do the Pomodoro technique, its interface with a handmade bear is so funny that it is very worth using.

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