The best mobiles for less than 200 euros

The mobile device market is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is difficult to find the right mobile phone for each user. We tell you in a simple way which is the best mobile for 200 euros and its 3 best alternatives.

The range of 200 euros is the minimum you should spend to have a satisfactory experience. These devices are highly competent in performance and offer performance capable of satisfying anyone. You will not have problems using any application, most games will work without problems. The camera of these mobiles also offers decent results for the day to day.

It is important to note that the prices indicated in the article are those that the product had at the time of writing the article. If you find a different price, it is due to price changes made by online businesses. Sometimes cheaper, others more expensive.

Mobile for less than 200 euros: the realme 6 is the fastest

The realme 6 is a mobile whose greatest milestone is to bring the 90-hertz screens at the lowest possible price, and that is why until now these ultra-fluid screens stood out for being only in the high-end range. This does not mean that we have exceptional image quality (in this aspect it is still a mid-range) but it does have a fluidity that makes the experience of use very pleasant.

Speed ​​is a key aspect of the realme 6, and not just on the screen, but in its processor and fast charging system. Otherwise we find a plastic mobile (although good construction) and a very versatile level of photography.

At the time of writing the article cost 199 euros. We have corrected with your current price.