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The best PlayStation apps for your smartphone

by Tejas Dhawan

In addition to mobile technology, one of the passions we share at Andro4all is video games. So much so that many of us have what is possibly the most popular console of the moment, Sony’s PlayStation 4.

With more than 100 million units sold worldwide, Sony’s black console has one of the highest quality catalogs And although its successor is already on the horizon, titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The Last of Us II or Ghost of Tsushima come to confirm that there is PlayStation 4 for a while.

So if you have PlayStation DNA in your body and you also have an Android smartphone, you should know that they exist multitude of apps in the Google store with which to get the most out of the Sony console. Let’s take a look at it together.

PlayStation App

How could it be otherwise We start with the official PlayStation app for smartphones. Essential app for all of us who have a Sony console, it allows us to access our PSN account for many other things, check events, trophies, redeem codes as well as to enter the PS Store and be able to acquire new titles.

In short, with PlayStation App we can:

  • Find out which friends are online and what games they are playing
  • Receive notifications, game alerts and invitations
  • Customize our profile
  • Observe progress and compare trophies
  • Keep up to date on the latest activities of our friends and profiles that we follow
  • Purchase games and accessories on PlayStation Store and add them to our PS4 so they are ready when we get home

PS4 Remote Play

Either because the TV in our house is busy or because we want to play some games in our favorite game and we are far from our console, PS4 Remote Play is the perfect tool for all those who cannot live without their beloved Sony console for a single minute.

Configure this app is really simple and once we have done it it will allow us to enjoy our favorite PlayStation 4 video games on computers or on Android and iOS devices, even being miles away from our house.

PlayStation Messages – See which friends are online

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When you enjoy video games you always meet people with the same tastes. The new generation consoles are much more than a piece of plastic with which to spend time, they have also become a place to talk to our acquaintances and even meet new people.

PlayStation Messages allows us keep in touch with our PlayStation friends just using our smartphone. Thanks to this app we can see who is online and see what games they play or send text and voice messages as well as photos to our friends or circles.

PS4 Second Screen

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Possibly not one of the best-known apps from Sony and PlayStation 4, but for that reason it is still quite useful. With PS4 Second Screen we can use our mobile device to manage the basic controls of our console, show information on compatible games with a second screen or directly to enter text on our PS4 thanks to our smartphone.

Although there are some other Sony apps in the Android Play Store, without a doubt these are the essential ones that every owner of a PlayStation 4 console should have installed on their Android and iOS device. Thanks to them we can take the PlayStation experience anywhere and it is that video games long ago ceased to be entertainment to become a lifestyle.

Of course if you love PlayStation games, that you know in the Play Store there are a few ports of mythical PlayStation 2 titles that you should download yes or yes on your smartphone. The more abundance, sIf you want to try PS4 games on your mobile, we leave you with what we think are the best PS4 games.

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