The best portable speakers for summer

The best portable speakers for summer

To listen to music we want simple, wireless and connected speakers. Some inventions that, today, we find everywhere. Just take one of these speakers and press two taps on the phone to make everything work. And, at that moment, we will see how our favorite songs begin to sound. Yes. I mean the ones we have on the phone or even those music lists that we keep on the Internet.

Then we will like the speaker more, if it sounds good, if it is powerful or, for example, if it is a nice and robust gossip. Because it’s also good that we can use it in the shower, in the pool or even hold the rattle if we want to take it to the mountains or to the beach.

What is clear is that the world of stereo equipment, those that went with large speakers, has gone down in history. Those teams have stayed for a minority of nostalgics (like myself). People who, it must be said, are a little freaked out and we like to enjoy every detail of the music. You know. The hi-fi thing.

But it is that times change. We live in the 21st century and we are also in 2020, the tremendous year of the pandemic. In this difficult summer, we need more than ever a little peace of mind and a lot of healthy fun. What do I know. Sit on the terrace or lie by the pool listening to our favorite songs on a portable speaker. For example. Nothing better than livening up the afternoons with good music and better company. Always keeping the safety distance …

As for the speakers, we find them with all shapes and all colors. Some connect to the mobile via Bluetooth. OthersYou can hook them to the WiFi at home to mount a music-on-demand system. And, as we said before, there are even submersibles. Come on, they resist a dip without problems.

To finish there are the speakers that work with a voice assistant. You know, with Google or with the famous Amazon Alexa. The best thing about these inventions is that they allow us to automate our home and manage music with a few commands. The danger, that we are putting in our lives another gossip that large companies will use to spy on everything we do and think … Be careful with all this, my recommendation is to disable the speaker microphones when we are not using them.

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