The best princess movies on Netflix and Disney +

Princesses are usually a recurring theme in childhood, in adolescence. From cartoons to birthday parties and costumes. And, of course, on television: in the series and in the princess movies. Beyond all the Disney princesses, which we do not include all on this list, animation or not, there are many that we can see on the different streaming platforms and we collect some of the best if you like the theme and want to spend hours on it .

Star wars

Although it may seem strange or an error that the Star Wars saga appears on this list, it is not. Leia Organa is one of the first characters we saw in the first movie of all, the first movie in the 1977 saga. And Leia Organa is a princess. Princess of Alderaan in addition to Mimebro of the Imperial Senate, diplomat or spy of the Rebel Alliance. But Star Wars introduced us to a princess who was running away scared of a sinister guy, Darth vader, and awaiting rescue. Then it turned out that she would not only rescue herself but would help rescue others. So Star Wars can also be an option if you are looking for princess movies but with a different, galactic, fighter and rebel air.

It is also a new hope, a sort of galactic princess tale where Luke and the rebels must rescue her and destroy the Death Star. Although Leia Organa will do her part and be able to cope with everything that crosses her path not only in this movie but in others, from giant slugs to army soldiers.

Platform: Disney +

Year: 1977

Duration: Two hours and 20 minutes

Recommended age: For ages 12 and up

Watch Episode IV – A New Hope at Disney Plus

Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back on Disney Plus

Watch Episode VI – Return of the Jedi on Disney Plus

EpisodeVI - Star Wars Movies and Series

The engaged princess

If we had to keep one of all the princess movies, it would probably be The Princess Bride. And luckily, we can see it again as many times as we want on HBO. He arrived in the late eighties and left us with mythical phrases that we have all heard before. We know that “I am Iñigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die ”and we are conquered by a fairy tale in which there is no shortage of fights that we enjoyed thirty years ago.

The Princess Bride is a medieval tale, a fairy tale in which Westley will return home to marry Buttercup, to whom he has sworn full love. But to reach that promised love you will have to face all kinds of enemies. For her part, Buttercup will have to endure an unbearable Prince Humperdinck who intends to marry her although his heart remains Westley’s. A fantasy story where the plot, apparently and at great lengths, seems easy and simple to us. But we all know that the 1987 movie is magnificent from start to finish. Also, there’s no shortage of great soundtrack with Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) as the protagonist and it was nominated for an Oscar for best original song.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1987

Duration: One hour and 34 minutes

Thematic: Fantasy

Recommended age: For people over 16 years old

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The engaged princess

Princess mononoke

Many years before Vaiana, Miyazaki created Sam, Princess Mononoke. Of all the princesses and tales, Ghibli’s is probably one of the best animated movies you can watch streaming on Netflix. As in most of his stories, Miyazaki shows us love for nature and the need to take care of her, the power of the female characters in a brilliant story and one of the best films by the producer even though she is already over twenty years old.

Ashitaka is a young man who has been attacked by a beast and seeks an urgent cure. That cure can only be found with him Forest Spirit so he will be facing the beast that devours him little by little while looking for that solution. But everything is complicated when he reaches the city of Atara: a group of humans wants to destroy nature and the forest gods confront them, a clash between man and nature in which Sam, Princess Mononoke, will be the only one hope to demonstrate that the only way out in a chaos generated by each other.

Platform: Year: 1997

Duration: Two hours and 14 minutes

Thematic: Adventure

Recommended age:

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Mononoke - Studio Ghibli


Fiona is also a princess and far from resembling those of classic tales. She does not need anyone to save her, even if the prince seeks to continually try. Dreamworks launched Shrek twenty years ago making him the most famous ogre on television. Shrek has been sent by the prince to go find the princess. In return, he will remove all the characters from the tales from his swamp so that he can continue living calmly as before. Fiona is a princess and an ogre, a different one from the rest of the movies and Shrek is still a fun fairy tale in which there is no lack of gags, moments of humor, songs and contagious good vibes to see as a family. In addition, on Netflix you can also see Shrek 2 and Shrek Third.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2001

Duration: One hour and 30 minutes

Thematic: Humor

Recommended age: For ages above 7

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Watch Shrek Tercero on Netflix


We can say little about Disney’s most famous sisters. Elsa and Anna have won two Oscars for best animated film and best song. singing the let it go and you will not be able to get it out of your head), among many other awards. Frozen has become an icon, in a movie that millions of boys and girls around the world know by heart today.

Elsa lives tormented by magical powers that make everything she touches turn into ice. Tired of causing accidents or living in hiding, she will decide to go away to live isolated from the rest. But her departure envelops the kingdom of Arendelle in a permanent winter that only she can fix. To try to solve it, Anna will go in search of her sister to convince her to come back And they will star in one of the most beautiful Disney love stories: of love for the family, of brotherly love among its protagonists, regardless of all the bumps along the way.

Frozen 2 premiered in 2019 and it is also, and of course, one of the best princess movies on Disney Plus if you are looking for animation away from the classic princess wait for prince, they get married and reign happily. Adventures and action that will lead Elsa to search for the origins of her magical powers.

Platform: Disney

Year: 2013/2019

Duration: 1 hour and 42 minutes / 1 hour and 43 minutes

Thematic: Family / Fantasy / Musical

Age: For over six years

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Disney Plus - Frozen

Princess Change

Netflix is ​​behind Princess Change, a teenage comedy with Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Paladdio and Nick Sagar as protagonists. With airs to Two for the price of one and any of the Olsen stories, this is the story of two totally different people in their day to day but identical in physical appearance. This is what they discover in a baking contest organized by royalty. A future princess and a baker from Chicago discover that they are exactly the same and decide to exchange one for the other spend a different Christmas. The princess will want to know what it feels like to be a normal girl. The baker will want to feel like a princess for a couple of days. But they will have to try to behave like each other so that no one discovers the secret.

A light and easy comedy with moments of humor and that, as we say, will remind us a lot of Dos for the price of one in which the Olsen twins will change families and move from the countryside to the city and vice versa. There is no lack of princes, banquets and that Christmas atmosphere that we seek during the holidays.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2018

Duration: 1 hour and 41 minutes

Thematic: Friendship / Romantic

Recommended age: For all audiences

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A Prince at Christmas

One of the great classics for the Christmas season It is A Christmas Prince, a Netflix original movie that the streaming platform premiered in 2017 and has been updated year after year until today. Amber is the protagonist, a young journalist who is in charge of covering Christmas for the royal family of the kingdom of Aldovia. But spending time in the palace will make your life change forever. Upon arrival, Amber is mistaken as the new tutor for Princess Emily so she will not be welcomed as a journalist who will narrate what happens there but will end up being part of the parties with the family she has had to live.

A Prince at Christmas is a movie for all audiences and the classic princess movie that we can see on vacation when we look for something very light, predictable and don’t make us think too much. It is not, by far, one of the best titles that we can see on the streaming platform but it is easy, simple to watch and it will infect us with that Christmas spirit of love story that always comes in handy to see on the winter tablecloths .

A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding and Royal Baby

Also, when you have seen A Christmas Prince in full you can see the following two films: A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding and A Christmas Prince: Royal Baby. The trilogy itself leaves little room for imagination and we know beforehand that the story of Amber and Richard will end in wedding and baby but we can see it if we seek to know what has led them there.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2017

Duration: 1 hour and 32 minutes

Thematic: Love

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch A Christmas Prince on Netflix

Watch A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding on Netflix

Watch A Christmas Prince: Real Baby on Netflix

A prince for Christmas the royal wedding

Snow White

Most classic movies have their non-animation version and Julia Roberts It gives life to one of the main villains of that story by the Grimm brothers that we all know by heart and that we have heard once but here it is narrated from a different point of view: that of the stepmother. Leaving aside the classic princesses as we know them in the Disney movie, the story is shown here from the point of view of the stepmother, Julia Roberts. Blanacnieves wants to claim the throne that he believes belongs to him and he will do so with the help of the seven famous dwarfs. In addition, the young Snow White wants to conquer a prince with whom the stepmother intends to marry. The same old tale with a new air in a funny comedy directed by Tarsem Sing.

Far from being the usual drama and the phrases that we all know, the little mirror, a fantasy and love comedy where they are the protagonists. Others on this list have been widely criticized for not straying from the script and original story, such as Aladdin. In this case the opposite occurs: a large part of the public does not like this free interpretation of the usual story. But you can watch it on Netflix to review for yourself.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2012

Duration: 1 hour and 44 minutes

Thematic: Classic stories

Recommended age: For ages above 7

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Snow White - Princess Movies

Princess by surprise

Like some on this list (especially teen comedies like A Prince at Christmas) it’s a simple movie and one you can’t have high expectations for. Designed for children or adolescents and with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews as protagonists, Princess by surprise is one of the classics among the princess movies of all time if we consider comedy or romance.

Anne Hathaway is Mia Thermopolis, an unpopular teenager who lives in San Francisco. But Mia’s tranquility changes when she discovers that she is the heir to the European Principality of Genovia. And Mia will have to prepare to take over that throne she had no idea about. To do this, her grandmother Queen Clarisse Renaldi will be in charge of educating her granddaughter and transmitting to her everything she needs to know about protocol, how she should behave or what she must do to live up to it. It will not be easy and Mia has no intention of put aside your quiet life to exchange it for the problems of running a kingdom.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2001

Duration: 1 hour and 56 minutes

Thematic: Adolescence / Love / Comedy

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch Princess by surprise at Disney Plus

Princess by surprise - Princess Movies

Princess by surprise 2

Also in Disney Plus and following the previous one, Anne Hathaway puts on the crown to be the princess of Genovia. In this second installment you will have to settle in the Royal Palace with your grandmother and you will have to prepare for what comes: take care of a position that will be yours before planned. Although with a classic theme of princess and love story: you have to get married before being crowned and Mia will have to choose the perfect suitor in a kind of flesh and blood Aladdin for teenagers and without magic rugs.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2004

Duration: 1 hour and 54 minutes

Thematic: Adolescence / Love

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch Princess by surprise 2 on Disney Plus

Princess by surprise 2 - Princess Movies

Princess protection program

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato They star in the Princess Protection Program, another of the classic teen comedies you can watch on Disney Plus. Although, this time, with two actresses known by the youngest, two idols from the Disney channel for years. A youth comedy in which an ordinary teenager will meet a South American princess from the country of Costa Luna and they will coexist to face day to day in a comedy in which there are also enemies and villains but, above all, a fun change of scenery in which both will have to survive.

Rosalinda is a princess whose life has been put in danger because a dictator wants to take over the country where he reigns. For this reason, you must be part of the Princess Protection Program and move to the house of one of the agents to hide, but adapting will not be easy. There she will meet Carter (Selena Gómez) who will help her become a normal and ordinary young woman of her age to go unnoticed but who will also guide her in normal customs. Unlike most movies where it’s all about “educating” to behave like a royalty, here Demi Lovato will fight for being an ordinary young woman and be happy in a very different air than the palace.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2009

Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes

Thematic: Teens / Comedy

Recommended age: For all audiences

See Princess Protection Program at Disney Plus

Princess Protection Program - Princess Movies


Cinderella’s story is known to everyone and little or nothing changes in the real version and without cartoons Although it is far from being the best adaptation of a Disney movie and its only notable component is the costumes that we will be seeing in almost two hours. She is the protagonist, a happy girl whose life changes when her mother dies and her father meets another woman, the stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and her daughters. They will make life impossible for him in the family home and this abuse will be accentuated when his father dies.

So much so that she will stop being She to become Cinderella. But the young woman will not give up and will be able to maintain the kindness, kindness and courage that characterized her from a very young age. The story is the same as always and we simply changed the cartoons for flesh and blood people. Habitually crossed out as corny and quite conventional Cinderella’s is not one of the best adaptations available on Disney Plus with princesses as protagonists but you can give it a try.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2015

Duration: 1 hour and 49 minutes

Thematic: Fantasy

Recommended age: For all audiences

View Cinderella at Disney Plus

Beauty and the Beast

Of all the adapted versions of Disney princesses (which are not a few), Beauty and the Beast is probably the most applauded or one of the best princess movies you can see on the Disney streaming platform. Launched in 2017 and starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans, the live-action adaptation garnered several Oscar and BAFTA Award nominations in addition to critical acclaim. If you only want to see one of the remakes, this is one of the best. It is faithful to the original, without deviating but maintaining the essence that we seek for such a film.

The story is the same as always even if this is a remake: Bella is a smart young woman who dreams of a world like that of her books and runs away from an unbearable Gastón who dreams of her becoming his beloved. But Bella’s life stops being relaxing and stops consisting of walks around her city when her father is imprisoned in the castle of a Beast. To save him, Bella will trade for him and discover that every corner of the castle is full of secrets, magic and good friends. A Disney classic that does not disappoint in its adapted version and with a wardrobe that will captivate us in addition to that soundtrack that we know by heart and that magical spirit that has been contagious since it was released in 1991.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2017

Duration: Two hours and 16 minutes

Thematic: Fantasy / Love

Recommended age: For ages 12 and up

See Beauty and the Beast at Disney Plus

Beauty and the Beast


We have little to say about one of the best Disney movies ever, Aladdin. His ‘real’ version maintains the essence of the original, without discrediting it. Get out of trouble without spoiling the movie that was released more than twenty years ago. Although not everyone convinces and it is difficult to live up to a title with millions of fans around the world who grew up with the genius.

The funny moments of the genie of the lamp (here played by Will Smith) are kept but also that complicated love story between Jasmine (Naomi Scott) and Aladdin (Mena Massoud) It is not one of the best princess movies that you will see if you are looking for something new, original, something different that will surprise you. There is nothing new in the updated version instead, she remains faithful to the usual with a rebellious Jasmine who is not content to go with any prince she does not want just to fulfill the imposed tradition. Of course, there is no lack of magic rugs, an unruly and adorable Abú and the usual songs.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2019

Duration: Two hours and 14 minutes

Thematic: Humor / Fantasy

Recommended age: For over nine years

Watch Aladdin at Disney Plus

Grace of Monaco

Of royal princesses, of history. Grake Kelly became princess of Monaco having already won an Oscar and leaving us some of the best films in the history of cinema such as The indiscreet window or Catch a thief. But at 26 the actress became a princess. Not from stories, real. Princess of Monaco after marry prince Raniero III, with whom he had three children: Carolina, Alberto and Estefania. But Grace Kelly’s life was intense from start to finish, she gave up a promising career (with eleven movies starring) to become the image of a country that was far from home. And that reflects Grace of Monaco.

It is not a documentary with real scenes (although you can see some on the same platform) but from a fictional movie starring Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth or Paz Vega that they tell us Grace Kelly’s story in the midst of economic crisis from Monaco and France. A crisis where “Princess Grace of Monaco” was especially involved. But beyond the social and political drama, Grace de Monaco seeks to reflect the personal life of the princess, her dedication to children or the love of a people increasingly devoted to her.

Although Nicole Kidman is little or nothing like Grace Kelly and the film abuses her continuous close-ups, it can be an option if you are looking for a real case or get closer to the story of a princess who was an icon for everyone.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Year: 2014

Duration: One hour and 14 minutes

Thematic: Biography

Recommended age: For ages above 7

Watch Grace de Monaco on Amazon Prime Video

Grace - Princess Movies


Like Grace Kelly, Diana was another royal princess who was endorsed by the people to the end, who died young and who tried to flee a checkered life where she was not happy. The film, in which Naomi Watts plays Diana, focuses on the last two years of the Princess of Wales after divorcing Prince Charles and already having an affair with surgeon Hasnah Khan or Dodi Al-Fayed, who He died in the same car accident the princess was in that August 1997.

Diana’s is a drama and one more love story that of love. It is, as we say, the love story and secret relationship with the surgeon that lasted more than a year but also the new illusion for the Egyptian millionaire Al-Fayed with whom he would die in a car accident in Paris while escaping from the paparazzi.

A life full of lights and shadows that seeks to be reflected in this film that more than a good tribute to her life presents it to us as a kind of drama based on clippings and magazines from the heart. Even so, it is included in this list if you are looking for “royal princesses” who were there, who were part of the history of a country.

Platform: Movistar Plus

Year: 2013

Duration: 109 minutes

Thematic: Drama

Recommended age: For all audiences

See Diana on Movistar PlusDiana - Princess Movies


Although there are many, many best Disney princess movies that don’t appear on this list, Vaiana is one of the most recent and also one of the best and most recommended by the animation factory. The young teenager is banned navigate beyond the reef but he decides to disobey his father to go in search of the salvation of his island, which runs out of resources and seems that it will not last much longer. Thus, Vaiana Waialiki begins a journey full of adventures that will remind us of Miyazaki moments in a fairy tale where nature plays a fundamental role and the soundtrack will captivate us at all times.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2016

Duration: One hour and 52 minutes

Thematic: Animation / Adventure / Family

Age: For olders than 6

See Vaiana at Disney Plus


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