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The best straighteners – price tips and test winners

by Tejas Dhawan

For many women it is essential – the flat iron. For those who are not naturally blessed with flowing, straight hair, the use of a hair straightener quickly becomes a daily routine. But already in childhood we were taught that heat is not to be trifled with. A healthy caution is not wrong, especially in connection with your own hair. We reveal which products you can safely entrust your “mane” to.

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Heat effects of over 120 degrees make our hair shine beautifully. However, too much heat damages the top layer of hair in the long run. The result is straw and dull hair. Not every hair can handle the same heat, so many manufacturers rely on a wider range of heat. Fine, bleached or already damaged hair can be expected to 170 degrees, while healthy and strong hair can withstand up to 200 degrees.

In order not to permanently damage the top layer of hair due to excessive temperatures or daily smoothing, robust ceramic plates are required. Some devices want additional protection through features such as intelligent displays. If you prefer straight hair over curls, tame a bad hair day or just want to vary your hairstyle, we will introduce you to the best straighteners.

The best straighteners: All recommendations in the overview

Recommendation for … product price offer
Price tip Remington hair straightener Pro-Ion Straight S7710 approx. 35 euros to Amazon
Customizability Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler straightening iron ST780 about 60 euros to Amazon
For demanding hair BaByliss Paris ST395E steam straightener iPro 230 about 80 euros to Amazon
high quality ceramic coating Remington Hair Straightener Pearl S9500 about 30 euros to Amazon
with heat sensor ghd gold styler approx. 150 euros to Amazon

The best straightener at a low price: Remington hair straightener Pro-Ion Straight S7710

The Remington Pro-Ion Straight S7710 is a top product at a low price (Image: manufacturer)

The wired straightener Remington hair straightener Pro-Ion Straight S7710 is a cheap product with nine different temperature settings between 150 and 230 degrees. Triple ion technology is used to prevent frizz and a static charge on the hair. Frizz is mentioned for hair that can hardly be tamed, frizzy and lackluster. A key lock prevents unintentional switching off while it is in use. The memory function remembers the set temperature of the last smoothing process, even after it has been disconnected from the power.

It takes 15 seconds for the straightener to reach an operating temperature of 150 degrees. With an additional temperature boost, the maximum temperature of 230 degrees can be set even faster. The styling plate is extra long to straighten large strands of hair at once. The Remington hair straightener Pro-Ion Straight S7710 also has a ceramic tourmaline coating that stands out due to its particularly smooth surface.

In edition 01/2019 of the Stiftung Warentest, the Pro-Ion Straight S7710 received a top rating of 1.6 “good” – and was thus the test winner among 7 tested devices in the price range of (at the time) 17 to 64 euros.


  • Good value for money
  • Warms up quickly and cools down quickly
  • Already good smoothing result at the smallest level


  • Plates are only on the tips
  • Hair gets caught between the plates and the case
Remington Pro-Ion Straight S7710 hair straightener

Remington Pro-Ion Straight S7710 hair straightener

The best customizable flat iron: Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler flat iron ST780

The Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare Styler Straightener ST780 has a complicated name, but works well. (Image: manufacturer)

The wired Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler straightening iron ST780 has a display that gives feedback on the moisture content of the hair and the speed at which the straightener is passed over the hair. It also warns of wet hair to prevent damage.

The straightener asks for data on the length, thickness or coloring of the hair and automatically adjusts the temperature of the ceramic plates. Three different profiles can be saved so that it can be used by several people. The material on the head of the straightener does not become hot and can be touched with the hands.

In issue 1/2019, the Stiftung Warentest awarded the Braun straightener a rating of 1.8 “good”.


  • Adapts to the hair individually
  • Helpful feedback on the display
  • Profile storage for up to three users


  • Round shape makes it difficult to put down the device
  • Pulls on the hair
Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler straightening iron ST780, with temperature protection

Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare Styler straightening iron ST780, with temperature protection

The best straightener for demanding hair: BaByliss Paris ST395E steam straightener iPro 230

Also suitable for unruly hair: the BaByliss Paris ST395E steam straightener iPro 230 Steam Ionic. (Image: manufacturer)

The special thing about BaByliss Paris ST395E steam straightener iPro 230 with its 1.8 m long cable is the integrated comb, which can be adjusted in three levels. With the help of steam, naturally thick and wavy hair is naturally straightened. Five temperature levels between 170 and 230 degrees can be set.

The heat is distributed evenly over the entire length of the ceramic plates using the “Advanced Ceramics” heating system. For use with thick hair, instead of extra-long ones, they used particularly wide titanium ceramic plates.


  • also smoothes extremely frizzy hair
  • long-lasting result, even for days
  • healthy hair feeling


  • The smoothing process takes longer
  • Water tank too small for particularly thick hair
BaByliss Paris ST395E steam straightener iPro 230 Steam Ionic

BaByliss Paris ST395E steam straightener iPro 230 Steam Ionic

The best straightener with a high-quality ceramic coating: Remington hair straightener Pearl S9500

The Remington Pearl S9500 has a pearl surface and an easy-to-read LC display. (Image: manufacturer)

The straightener advertises with narrow and long ceramic plates made of real pearls Remington Hair Straightener Pearl S9500. Its surface should be eight times smoother and five times more durable than products with a normal ceramic coating. The temperature between 150 and 235 degrees can be set in ten different levels. The automatic safety shutdown is activated after 60 minutes.

It also has additional functions such as a key lock and a turbo boost. The cable has a length of three meters and can therefore also be used in hairdressing salons or living rooms where there are few sockets. The product can optionally be purchased with an additional hair detangling brush.


  • Acoustic signal as soon as the desired temperature is reached
  • Particularly long power cable
  • Good value for money


  • Display glows bluish in the dark
  • Hair is statically charged after straightening
Remington Pearl S9500 hair straightener

Remington Pearl S9500 hair straightener

The best straightener with heat sensor: ghd gold Styler

The ghd gold styler is considered a reliable and high-quality device. (Image: manufacturer)

Of the ghd gold styler is the most expensive straightener in our comparison with a price of around 150 euros. Unlike the competitive adjustable temperature products, this model maintains a constant temperature of 185 degrees – but most users testify that it is the optimal warmth. The dual-zone ceramic heating technology with two heat sensors ensures an even heat distribution on both plates, which is to prevent hair damage and hair breakage from too much heat.

The straightener has a sleek design and rounded edges, which also make it possible to style curls or light waves. If the device is not in use, the sleep mode switches it off automatically after 30 minutes. The cable length of 2.7 meters makes it flexible to use. The brand also offers styling protection and a case with a heat protection mat for separate purchase.

ghd is considered a reliable brand in the professional field, the gold styler is praised by users, for example in the comments on Amazon, as a particularly good and reliable product – in the Amazon user ratings, the straightener achieved an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 .


  • Ceramic plates with heat protection sensor and ion technology
  • Hair glides smoothly through the two ceramic plates
  • Good result after the first application


  • relative expensive
  • hardly any manual setting options
ghd gold styler

ghd gold styler

The best straighteners: that’s how we chose

The selection of flat irons on the market is large. They differ in both design and technology. There are different numbers of temperature levels, ceramic plates, additional features and designs. The shape of the straightener decides whether curls can also be created. Edgy devices need an additional curling iron.

In our test, we incorporated the evaluations of the Stiftung Warentest (01/2019) as well as our own experience and external user evaluations. Above all, the results of the Stiftung Warentest regarding the dangers of using some flat iron models were alarming.

Stiftung Warentest: Some flat irons are extremely dangerous

Beautiful hair or not: straightening irons are devices that are over 100 to 200 degrees Celsius and should be used with caution.

The Stiftung Warentest examined seven hair straighteners in January and February 2018. The devices were evaluated according to the hairdressing result, handling, a technical check and the safety of the devices. The hairdressing result determined 55 percent of the rating, handling 25 percent, technical testing, and safety were included in the rating with 10 percent each.

The Stiftung Warentest came up with the following results:

Manufacturer model Overall judgment
Remington Pro-ion straight S7710 Good (1.6)
brown Satin 7 SensoCare Styler ST780 type 3560 Good (1.8)
Grundig HS 6531 Touch Control Ionic Hair Styler Good (1.8)
Babyliss ST395E iPro 230 Steam Good (1.9)
Rowenta Liss & Curl SF6220 Fair (2.6)
Severin HC 0614 Poor (5.0)
Udo Walz by Beurer Performance B9 400 Type M1504 Poor (5.0)

The devices from Severin and Udo Walz received the grade “poor” for reasons of safety. Both heated up not only the ceramic plates at the highest level, but also the housing. And not too short: The measurements showed a temperature of 90 degrees at several points on the two straighteners.

This can quickly lead to burns on the scalp, ears, or hands. Another safety risk is the non-automatic switch-off. All other straighteners tested switch themselves off after a maximum of one hour in order to minimize the risk of domestic fires.

Buying a flat iron: You should note that

These are the most important criteria that you should consider when choosing before buying a flat iron:

  • Material: Good straighteners can be recognized by high-quality ceramic plates that lie seamlessly on top of each other
  • Shape: Rounded edges protect the hair and make it possible to curl the hair with the flat iron.
  • Energy supply: Is a cable or a battery used? A device with cable heats better and longer, a cordless straightener is more compact, so it is better when traveling.
  • Cable length: With a longer cable you are more flexible in use.
  • Swivel: Located at the end of the cable and enables simple and flexible use.
  • Temperature: Find out how large the temperature range is that the desired straightener offers. In general, the higher the better – however, devices with a fixed temperature setting can also be good.
  • Warm-up time: Rapid heating to reduce waiting time before use.
  • Automatic shutdown: Important safety function. Do not use a flat iron that saves at this point!
  • User experiences: provide information about how good the device is and whether it is suitable for your hair type. Especially with heavily frizzy hair, it is important to first research whether your desired straightening iron can also handle your hair type.
  • Equipment: Add-ons such as heat-resistant transport bags are useful when traveling.
  • Profiles: Straighteners with multiple storage profiles are useful if multiple users are using the device.
  • Weight: The device should not be too heavy to prevent arm fatigue from prolonged use.

Use flat iron: how hot should it be?

Flat irons usually have a maximum temperature of around 230 degrees. But it is almost never necessary to expose your hair to this heat. So feel slowly towards the optimal temperature for your hair. If your hair is pre-stressed by coloring, already very stressed and has a rather fine structure, you should heat the flat iron to a maximum of 170 degrees.

Never straighten your hair when it is wet. Burns, split ends and at worst hair loss are the consequences. In addition, it makes sense to use heat protection. Even healthy and strong hair can break off through regular, unprotected exposure to heat. Heat protection products are available from specialist retailers in the form of sprays or lotion.

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