The best Twitter lists to stay informed of breaking news

The best Twitter lists to stay informed of breaking news

One of the best features it has Twitter, and one of the least extended by its community. The lists allow us to organize accounts and users under a specific category: #news, #culture, # music … You can create them yourself, or follow lists that arouse your curiosity and that are created by other users.

In fact, if you take a look, you will see that there are users or profiles of brands and companies who like to create Twitter lists with influential people who have something to contribute on a certain matter.

These already created lists can be easily followed and thus obtain all kinds of relevant information that you were surely looking for. Therefore, today we bring you a selection with best lists to stay informed 24 hours with current news.

Discover lists

Twitter has recently added new features to make the content of the lists more visible and useful to the user. Among others there is the option of “Show more recommendations” to discover new lists in a few easy steps.

As can be seen in the image above, the option will appear in the feed of your user account and, just by clicking on “Show more recommendations”, a huge range of suggestions for discovering lists that fit the theme that interests you.

Thus, if you find a “List” that attract attention among the suggestions displayed, simply click “Follow”.

8 lists to find out everything

Spain Policy: a list created by El Mundo, where you will find an aggregator of tweets from the main actors in Spanish politics, from official accounts of parties, associations, the media and, of course, the politicians themselves. They are not left to anyone.

News with graphics: a quite curious list on Twitter profiles that share news accompanied by various infographics. In addition, the themes are very varied and for all tastes.

United Nations: a feed that collects the tweets from the official accounts of the different United Nations organizations in Spanish. You will be informed of topics on projects and policies for social development, news about the evolution of COVID-19 in other countries, information on virtual meetings of your interest.

News agencies: This feed includes tweets from the official profiles of various international news agencies in different languages. If you control English, you will have no problem with 80% of tweets.

Cultural journalists: created by the writer Javier Sierra, she is ready He offers us a compilation of tweets about the Spanish cultural scene mainly, although he also focuses on other types of topics.

Technology news: this list could not miss a list of the main news from the world of technology. This feed it feeds on the most recent tweets from media and journalists dedicated to this sector. Surely you will find us.

Sports Spain: tweets at the moment with everything you need to know about the national sports scene, from the hand of several specialized media and journalists.

Videogames and eSports: here The main accounts on the gaming world meet, among which we find the media, influencers and even development companies. Everything to fill you with breaking news on video games and eSports. Not for nothing does it have up to 30 thousand followers.

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