The best waterproof covers for your mobile, for beach and pool

Protect your phone from water, salt and sand this summer.

If you want to go to the beach or the pool with your smartphone and not worry about anything, a waterproof case may be just what you need. Insert your mobile, seal it well and hang it around your neck, you can move freely without fear of water, salt or sand.

These are some of the best waterproof covers you can buy. They come in packs of 2 and are universal, no matter what your smartphone is, they all have a place. We tell you its different characteristics.

Syncwire Universal Waterproof Case

We are talking about a universal case that will allow you to completely seal your smartphone. It has IPX8 certification, which ensures its protection against water up to 30 meters deep. It arrives with 2 units, enough to spend this summer without worries.

YOSH Waterproof Case

Again we talk about a universal case, it does not matter which smartphones you use. Could not miss the IPX8 certification, the firm assures that it has been tested with 30 minute dives 30 meters deep. After a few uses, you can wash this YOSH waterproof case without any problem. In addition, it promises to be very sensitive, you can use your mobile and the screen will respond without difficulty.

UGREEN Mobile Waterproof Case

UGREEN covers arrive with IPX8 certification so you don’t have any concerns. Its design is characteristic, different from what we have seen so far. Like other examples, it has been tested to ensure its correct sealing. Its plastic promises a very good visibility, enjoy up to 92.1% light transmission.

IVoler waterproof case

To earn that IPX8 certification, iVoler’s case has been tested 30 meters deep. It also comes in packs of two, enough for the upcoming beach and pool months. Designed for the most extreme conditions, They will keep your smartphone protected at all times.

If you have doubts about which mobile to buy, be sure to visit our buying guides section, where we collect the best models on the market and advise you to always make the best purchase decision. The prices shown in this article are valid at the time of publication, so it is possible that they vary depending on the stock and demand in the different sales channels.

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