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The best way to manage your friends' birthdays on mobile

The best way to manage your friends' birthdays on mobile

Smart mobile phones have eliminated many devices from our daily lives. Some of them will be technological, such as the alarm clock, the camera or the GPS of our car. However, others were analog, such as calendars or agendas where we wrote down all kinds of things.

One of those things, at least in my case, was the birthdays of friends and family. Facebook knew how to be attentive and implemented this function in its social network in such a successful way that many people congratulated or stopped doing it depending on whether or not they used the platform.

In part it is what happened to me since I had located the birthdays of all my close people and when I stopped using the social network I realized that I needed another way.

I could have synchronized the Google calendar with the information on Facebook, but I really prefer to minimize contact with Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Using Google contacts to manage birthdays

As I did not want to install more applications for such a specific and sporadic use, I started to investigate and realized that within the Google contacts application I had the possibility of establishing the birth date of each of my contacts.

This helped me to have the information located but not to know if on a specific day I should congratulate someone or not because I was not going to be looking at contact contact every day, as is logical.

The surprise came when I realized that when I set the date of birth of someone within my Google contacts it appeared a notice on the calendar on his birthday.

In this way, knowing if a specific day is the birthday of a friend or family member is as easy as taking a look at the calendar application. If we do not want them to appear in our calendar we can deactivate it in the application settings.

In addition, along with birthdays this calendar can notify us of anniversaries and other important dates as long as we have them stored within one of our contacts in the Google application.

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