The Champions League final runs on free TV

Stingy football fans are sure to please this news: The final of the Champions League 2020 will be shown on free-to-air television. The ZDF is entitled to the rights through the interstate broadcasting agreement – but whether the game really runs on the second German television depends on FC Bayern and RB Leipzig.

Champions League 2020: Final on ZDF

The last game of the current Champions League season could be seen on public broadcasting under one condition. Should FC Bayern or RB Leipzig – or even both teams – advance into the final, it will be shown on ZDF on August 23, 2020 at 9 p.m. On the other hand, this also means that a transmission is not always secure. If instead only foreign clubs qualify for the final, then German fans can only use Sky or DAZN. The game runs there in any case.

The reason for this condition can be found in the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty. There it is written in black and white that the final of the Champions League this year will only be open to the public if at least one German team makes it into the last game. In the next year it will look different again, as the portal digital television reports. In 2021, the final will be shown on ZDF in any case – regardless of the performance of the German participants.

Champions League 2020: who else is there?

Due to the canceled games due to the coronavirus pandemic, UEFA decided on a modified mode this year. Instead of betting on a combination of home and away games as usual, there is a kind of mini-tournament that is played exclusively in Lisbon, Portugal.

You can watch TV on your smartphone, tablet or laptop:

Paris Saint-Germain was the first team to qualify for the semi-finals. The opponent of the French will be determined in the game RB Leipzig against Atl├ętico Madrid. How the second semi-final will be composed is also not yet certain. FC Bayern will fight for the remaining two places on Friday and Saturday against Barcelona as well as Manchester City and Olympique Lyon.

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