The characteristics that the global Xiaomi Mi Band 5 does not have


After knowing that the Mi Band 5 will officially arrive in Europe on July 15, images have emerged of what will be its box and features. Unfortunately the illusions that we had in this new Xiaomi sports bracelet They have come to nothing after learning that some of the most expected possibilities will not come, at least in this version.

Through the popular Geek Doing forum from which we help ourselves to choose the version of the Mi Band 4 that we want, this leak comes to us. Some users from Germany where it will be presented have already had access to this sports bracelet to see first-hand the features of the Mi Band 5. The only thing we would lack to know is its official price, which some stores in Portugal are already putting at 40 euros, which seems somewhat high.

No NFC, SpO2 or Alexa on the Mi Band 5

Since we started talking about the new Mi Band 5, the possibility of including NFC made us think of a fast and efficient payment system, but nevertheless with the information that comes to us about the My Band 5 global We have to forget about these illusions, it is completely the same that we could see weeks ago in China but without NFC, an option that was available on the Asian continent. There is also no trace of blood oxygen control that would offer us greater control of sports and physical activities, something that many other Xiaomi competitors already integrate without raising the price too much.

Features Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global

In addition to all this, we did not meet Alexa, the Amazon assistant who promised to come to the sports bracelets to get all their potential and increase the options. The leaks have made us go one step further and it is time for disappointments caused by the Mi Band 5. Although it will continue to be a highly recommended bracelet, it is not what many expected.

We will have to wait for the Mi Band 5 Pro

my band 5 my band 4

The leaks were not invented and all these characteristics that we will not have for now in the global Mi Band 5 will have to come sooner or later to the Mi Band 5 Pro or the name that the company wants to give it. The strategy could follow the same that we can see on smartphones, every six months, and it would launch a renewed version that would make us have to decide between staying with what we have or taking a leap forward. All of this confined to the fact that Mi Band 5 Pro I arrived in Spain and we will not be left with honey on our lips again.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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